Happy November!

Welcome to one of the best months around! I adore the fall season and if that sounds basic, I don’t even care! Halloween is officially over and we can roll right in to one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving!

I love it all, the family, the food, the continuance of fall color schemes across tables with beautiful dish ware. And y’all, I love me some gorgeous dishes! Bring it all on, I’m ready!

I don’t think anyone would disagree that dessert is always the best part of the meal and at my mom’s house, it’s truly pie-palooza! I’m already dreaming which slices I’ll be serving up this time around!

 Contemplating which pie to try this year…

Contemplating which pie to try this year…

There’s usually apple, a mock-mince meat, pumpkin, pecan, and several others. I’m not kidding y’all. One time we had nine pies. Nine!

Pink Garden  (2 of 11).jpg

I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get to baking! Thanksgiving is with my folks this year. If I know my mom, I know she’s already prepping the menu and planning the cooking breakdown so it’s not an overwhelming day of non-stop chopping, baking, and whipping. We’ll get to work when we get there!

Speaking of prepping, I’ve been prepping my closet for a the switch over now that we’re really into the fall season in Oklahoma. Sure, we’ve had a few cool fronts come through but now it’s a consistent under 80 degrees each day. That’s cool here, folks. I did a little shopping and starting messing around with old pieces and new, finding ways to spice up pieces I wear regularly.

Pink Garden  (8 of 11).jpg

I’m digging all these pink shades creeping into the fall fashion this season. I paired a cranberry pair of slacks with a cream cami overlaid with my favorite pink sweater and voila! A great fall getup for those warmer fall days.

Pink Garden  (1 of 1).jpg

Between dreams of delicious pies and new fall outfits, I think I’ve got a lot to look forward to this month!

What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving?


Summer to Fall Changes

Well, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are out in full force and so are the Halloween decorations so let's face it, it's practically fall already! Not that I'm complaining! It's just that now is all about trying to balance out that summer heat in the day with the chillier temps in the morning and evening. 

I have the answer to that problem: jean jackets! 

 Did someone say PSL? 

Did someone say PSL? 

I'm telling you, throw one of over a summer dress, a t-shirt, button down, whatever, and boom! It all works! I picked this one up several years ago at a Steinmart and I can guarantee you could find one at a T.J. Maxx, Marshalls or Ross if you do a little digging. If not, Gap has one as does Madewell, and Macy's. Search for brands like Old Navy jean jackets on Poshmark or ThreadUp and you might get lucky, too. 

 See? Just tickled by the quick fix! 

See? Just tickled by the quick fix! 

I am one of those many ladies that loves the fall season! Yes, I'll admit, I got a PSL the Tuesday they came out and honestly, there's no shame. I've been a pumpkin spice fan way longer than most and definitely before PS was cool. Yup, I love me some pumpkin...but I actually don't care for pumpkin pie. Go figure. 

I just love autumn. I do and probably for a million reasons. The cooler temps, the last whisper of summer as we start to shift over to flannel shirts and mugs of hot cider, not to mention the amount of apples to eat and whip into treats. These fall holidays are always a blast with Halloween jack-o-lanterns and a good spooky movie followed up by gratefulness and thankfulness around the family dinner table at Thanksgiving. 

Orange Dress (27 of 47).jpg

Oklahoma fall season lasts but a hot second so it's fun to paint the months with pops of color in our clothes. Oranges here, scarlets and plums, lot's greens and of course, that beautiful fall gold. Anytime I can match the fall foliage I'm all for it. And if my husband is reading this, he'll probably tell me he's got a camo for that. 

Yes, I do love fall and I could wax poetic about it all over this site. So before I break out the sweaters and such, I'm going to hang on just a bit longer to these warmer days and savor the last of summer!


Great Green Pants & A Good, Good Day

I love these britches. 

White top, mustard top, gray, black, doesn't matter, they all match with this great green. It's the kind of green that goes summer or fall and I'm eager to see what they look like with a pair of booties or a leather peep toe heels. 

Green Pants  (13 of 28).jpg

You know what else I'm looking forward to? More bright sunny days like this. Can't beat a day out by a beautiful lake and fortunately for us, there are several around the city. I know Pyro Man would want to drop a line and could tell me about every point to find the best fishing around. 

Green Pants  (28 of 28).jpg

Me? I just want to spend the day enjoying the view and taking a minute to soak it up. A little peace, a little quiet, maybe a good book or journal to write in. Yeah, that sounds like an awesome way to spend the day to me. 

Green Pants  (27 of 28).jpg

What's your idea of a good day? 


The Perfect Bag

Alright, let's talk for a minute about bags, specifically bags for adults like this dance professor. Listen, I love me a good tote, but I'm telling you that it's just killing my back to sling everything on one shoulder. I simply cannot do it any more thus began the great bag search of 2018. 

I needed something with lot's of room, space to put laptop, notebooks, clothes and shoes (as I often change into normal or dance clothes mid day), normal office supplies like pens, pencils, sticky notes, etc. and of course water, food, basically all the life essentials. To top it off, it needs to look like something an adult would carry, in other words, as professional as a backpack can be with all my room requirements. 

A leather bag is really out. They don't have an much room as I need, not to mention they are super expensive. A giant supped up hiking backpack wouldn't do--those are also expensive and way bigger than necessary. A good ol' standard Jansport just wasn't going to cut it and I for sure wasn't trekking down to Target for a cheapie, this bag has got to last. 

This wasn't going to be an easy task so I spent a lot of time researching especially when I discovered I was going to be spending some cash no matter what choice I made, but hopefully it would something that would last me a long time. 

1. The North Face Surge  - $129-159

It's chockfull of pockets including a laptop sleeve and almost every pocket is fleece lined. The straps are molded specifically for women and the arm sleeves are nice and padded as is the back. The look is sleek and sporty, waterproof, and don't forget the two water bottle holders on the side. I know. That was selling point for me, too. Just kidding. But really, an overall great bag. 

2. The Vera Bradley Iconic XL Campus - $158

I was planning on avoiding all things Vera Bradley, truly, but I happened to find they enlarged their Campus Backpack and it's made for hauling a ton of things. There's a laptop sleeve, as almost all backpacks have these days, tons of pockets for storing everything you could possible need. Online I wasn't entirely sold, but in the store with my hands on it, I loved it. It comes in sleek black and a pink and black print inside...not my favorite. 

3. The Jansport Agave - $70

Definitely the least expensive option out of everything I've found. It's very similar to the North Face Surge but I found that a few reviews that mentioned how this backpack didn't last as long as they had hoped. I keep it in the running as a lesser expensive option, but truth be told, I put my bags through their paces so I wasn't 100% sold on this one. 

4. Patagonia Women's Paxat Backpack 30L - $119

This was an interesting find! Pretty decent price and definitely made to hold some stuff. It's got side pockets, laptop case THAT FOLDS OUT, a good amount of room, water resistant fabric and padded back and sleeves made for women. Yes, there is a men's version and other size options available. There's a smaller style of a similar backpack but this particular one fit my needs a bit better. 

Now the the hard part is to decide which one would work best! 

What bags are you using to haul your work life around town?


Mellow Yellow or Just Playing It Cool

Yellow has been a favorite color of mine since about the fourth grade. I had a costumer put me in yellow once, declare it was my color and I suddenly saw that golden hue in a whole new light, my light. 

Yellow Top  (1 of 31).jpg

But honestly, it's so hard to keep a straight face when you're wearing one of the happiest colors on the palette! 

Yellow Top  (7 of 31).jpg

See what I mean? Can't help but smile when I wear it! Yellow, it's just the best and so is this top. I think I've worn the heck out of it this summer. Light, airy, and perfect with jeans, shorts or a patterned skirt like this one. 

Yellow Top  (12 of 31).jpg

I'm loving these light skirts these days. It's so hot right now in Texas and I'll be going back to a steamy Oklahoma here real soon, you can bet pieces like this will be on repeat! 

Yellow Top  (29 of 31).jpg

Ooh! And this one is still on sale if you're interested. Did I mention it has pockets? 'Cause that's an important feature. 

Maybe I'm not such a mellow yellow gal so much as I'm just trying to play it cool in all this summer time heat. 

Yellow Top  (30 of 31).jpg

What's your power color these days? 


Think Pink

I'm in a pink mood these days. 

Pink Dress (6 of 29).jpg

And still very much into summer dresses. 

Pink Dress (9 of 29).jpg

Trying to cool down this summer in ice shades of pink with soft light fabric and flowing skirts. 

This LOFT dress is simply gorgeous. I have a marigold colored dress in similar style and it's one of my favorites. It reminds me of this Gal Meets Glam dress, soft, pink, feminine, and chic.  

I love my lavendar suede Steven Madden shoes, but these would be a lovely option, too. I love a good ankle strap and the return of the chunky heel is a nice change from the stiletto. 

Simple gold jewelry from my favorite, Nan Lee. I love her simple style, including these wire earrings. I wear these Lotus Leaf earrings quite frequently. 

Yes, I'm pretty good with my rose colored daze and think pink vibe. 

What colors are you currently crushing on?


Summer Breezy Staples

It's hot ladies. And it's unfortunately going to be hot for a while. For me that means light material and nothing that constricts! I want some air flow, something cool and definitely breezy while I'm working. It's only going to get hotter so if you're in a shopping mood, try some of these: 

1. LOFT Stripped Crossover Dress

I've worn this dress out several times and it's comfy (yay knit!). Great for summer parties, farmer's market runs or just hanging out at the house. 

Plus it has this lovely cross in the back for a fun twist!

Blue Dress 13.jpg

2. Target Black Knit Dress

Found this knit number back in May and I've loved it. Style it up, casual it down, silver or gold, heels or flats, hat, no hat, hair up or down, it all looks good in a staple like this 


3. LOFT Romper

I have several rompers in my closet and I adore each and every one of them, but this one, oh man. This romper has been my favorite. I've worn it out for shopping around town and on a lovely date night with Pyro Man. When you got an outfit that can do both that means I can wear my sneaks or my heels--either way, I'm good to go. It's breezy, cool, and oh so freaking cute! 

If you can't tell, I really am a huge fan of LOFT. I love their style, their prices and of course, their sales. But I have been doing a little window shopping at one of my favorite stores and pined over these current crushes: 

This gorgeous red maxi from Anthropologie. Plus this fun green dress is so sweet, love the details! Tell me that this white cotton number doesn't scream summer? And then this beauty, eyelet and embroidery with sweet straps! 

What are some of your summer staples? 


Spring, Is that You?

This weekend was such a spring tease. I know it's only January and we've got a couple more months of winter left, but I'm ready, y'all. I'm ready for the spring flowers, the warmer weather, and the change in wardrobe! 

 I can tell from all the email ads coming through that retailers are getting ready to roll out the spring fashion here pretty quick. This weekend I went shopping and it seemed like almost everyone had some super sale going on, cleaning out the winter gear and pushing out front the beginnings of the spring lines. This clearly did not help my small spike of spring fever. 

In fact, I've already started perusing my favorite sites for spring inspiration. Like this little get up: 

  Anthropologie , I think you're swell! 

Anthropologie, I think you're swell! 

Love the causal look with hose amazing slip-on's and earrings! And then see this?

 You did it again,  Anthro ! 

You did it again, Anthro

It's comfy and it's the perfect shade of gold. I feel like this should somehow find it's way into my closet. And then there's this: 

  Loft , you are definitely a favorite. I love your clothes and I freaking love your sales! 

Loft, you are definitely a favorite. I love your clothes and I freaking love your sales! 

I love this floaty top and how fun and flirty it is. Can I pair a blazer over it? Oh yeah. Can I wear it with jeans OR a skirt? You bet your sweet patootie you can! Will it last me spring, summer, and fall? I'm thinking so! 

*Sigh* And it's only January which means my spring fever will probably be a total outbreak come April! 

What spring styles are you looking forward to?





Monday, Monday

What up, Monday? Fancy seeing you here again!

Julie 61.jpg

Me? Oh, I'm just tackling my lists of to-do's and knocking those projects out. You know, the usual. 

Julie 64.jpg

Meet you here same time next week? Sounds great! Don't forget to bring the donuts this time--please and thank you! 

Julie 63.jpg


Julie Blue 


Coral Cold Shoulder

Sometimes you gotta give 'em the cold shoulder. 

And then a wicked happy smile because, hey, I'm really loving these style right now! The cut out shoulder just adds some fun for these gorgeous spring days. 

This dress is so comfy and breezy and pretty friendly on the budget. I'm definitely a Target shopper--I can't help by take a pass through their clothes and find something that I need! I especially adore their Knox Rose collection. 

Throw on some glamorous earrings and spruce it up with a sweet pom-pom duster like this one. I picked mine up at a cute boutique in Graham, Texas called The Tattered Pearl. I actually worse this dress for Easter with a my fringed cardigan over it and a different pair of tan wedges. Worked perfectly for a whimsical church dress and no fussing with it during mass! Win-win, people! 

This is one outfit that made me pleased as punch to wear and when an outfit does that, you can't help but strut it out! 

Got anything in your closet right now that does the same?