Friday Five: Food Obsessions

Happy Friday, y'all!

I've got a few things that have been on my mind, and plate, a lot the last couple of weeks and I think it's past time to share these current food obsessions! 

1. Pumpkin--Need I say more? It is fall, after all. Just embrace it.  I've used it in smoothies, soup, and bread so far. No doubt I'll find other ways to sneak it in this fall season. 

2. So Delicious Creamer--I went to find a substitute for my coffee creamer that had less gunk in the ingredients. A splash of this in my morning cup of joe is plenty enough for me! 

3. Brussels Sprouts--Twice this week I've roasted brussels sprouts and just eaten them for a snack. I'm not sure what's wrong with me, but if you're a little suspect of these little suckers try this recipe and tell me you didn't change your mind! 

4. Graze--OK, really cool, this is a company that ships you a box of snacks every week, two weeks or month and they are awesome! I got a free trial and decided just to try it. You get a box with either 4 or 8 snacks packs for you to eat. It can be a trail mix, fruit leather or bites, tasty bars, popcorn, anything! You can even get gluten free options. Go to and see what you think--is it fun? Yeah! Is it my weekly snack plan? Nope. BUT I think it's fun to get a box of 8 new snacks to try and switch up my routine once in a while. 

5. Whole 30 Cook Book--My friend, Cass, told me about this cookbook and I was really intrigued so she let me borrow her copy. Looking through it, I started tabbing everything! The recipes are easy with simple ingredients. After trying a few meals, I was hooked. Just got my own copy in the mail yesterday and I can't wait to get it splattered with sauce and jot down my notes! 

What are some of your current food obsessions?

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Friday Five: Halloween Flash Back

Happy Halloween! 

Tomorrow I'll be in auditions all day and then I'll probably finish the day with pizza and a glass wine. SO I thought I'd get a jump on the holiday, remember all my favorite costumes! 

1. Most favoritest halloween costume EVER: Scarlet O'Hara



2. Favorite TV show as a kid, the original Addams Family. So of course, I had to go as Wednesday Addams one year. 

See Thing sitting close by?

See Thing sitting close by?

3. I went as a spooky giant spider one year, complete with legs and big green eyeballs! 

4. There was that time I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader...when I was four. 

Yes, my sister is a giant Hershey kiss. 

Yes, my sister is a giant Hershey kiss. 

5. The Great Pumpkin meets Bessie the Cow! This one's special--I got to celebrate Halloween with one of my best friends. We sat side by side in our costumes planning our weddings together. In short, it was awesome. 

Lots of fun memories over the years! I've been able to see our kiddos at the dance studio dress up this week. My favorite so far, the piece of bacon. 

What was your favorite Halloween costume? 

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Friday Five: Fall Fashion

I've always got a running list of things I want to get. Could be clothes, food, project items, knick-knacks, whatever. I've got some stuff I've been waiting to get for this season and I might not be able to wait any longer!

Friday Five:

Fall Fashion

Dreamy items I'm dying to get! 

1. A floppy hat. I love these hats, I have for a long time, and I really, really, really want one!

A  LOFT  find! Now if I can only find it in a cranberry or navy blue..

A LOFT find! Now if I can only find it in a cranberry or navy blue..

2. Cranberry pants. I've actually been stalking these pants for the last three months. Must have them! 

I love the Julie fit at  LOFT . Can't beat the way that cut works for me! 

I love the Julie fit at LOFT. Can't beat the way that cut works for me! 

3. New boots. I love my Borne Boots! I love the brand and how comfortable they are. The fact that they last forever makes me feel like my money is well spent. I am always on the look out for another pair! 

I found these books at  Dillards . 

I found these books at Dillards

I'm also a fan of these ankle boots to dress somethings up. I'd like to find something similar to this Lucky pair. 

Another  Dillards  find for me! 

Another Dillards find for me! 

4. A good flannel shirt. About two or three years ago I noticed that flannel shirts, crop tops, combat/prairie looking boots were coming back. Y'all. That was my childhood, the look of the 90's. It's weird seeing college kids running around in the same thing acting like it's hot off the press (still!)! But, I can't say that I'm not with them. I still like the look. 

Found this one from  LandsEnd --too cute!

Found this one from LandsEnd--too cute!

5. New camo. Say what? Well, I've talked to Pyro Man about going hunting this season. Shockingly enough, I don't have a lot of camo gear of my own so I think he's been on the look out for me. The other day he found this furry hooded camo jacket with a pink hood on the inside. Whoo-wee! I"ll be looking stylin' in the stand this season! 

Found this purty number on  

Found this purty number on 

What are you hoping for this season? 


Friday Five: First of Fall

Fall finally arrived last week with a hearty blast of heat, but that hasn't stopped this girl from opening her arms to one of the better seasons of the year! 

Friday Five: First of Fall

All the ways I've celebrated the start of a new season

1. Enjoyed a college football game! Went with Pyro Man to see Texas Tech take on TCU last Saturday in Lubbock. It was a blast getting to watch the game literally under the jumbo-tron--perks of knowing the pyro guy. Plus, we got to meet up with my aunt and uncle! Such a fun time! 

Aunt Diana and I before the game!

Aunt Diana and I before the game!

2. First Pumpkin Spice Latte of the Season. On the way over to Lubbock I was in need of a serious caffeine fix. What better way to start a fall day off than with a Starbucks #PSL, I ask you? There is no better way. 

Fully caffeinated and ready to Wreck 'Em! 

Fully caffeinated and ready to Wreck 'Em! 

3.  Purchased appropriate amount of pumpkin flavored food! I like to remind myself that I liked pumpkin flavored things before it was cool so I don't feel like the stereotypical girl buying all things pumpkin flavored. But then I think, who cares?! It makes me happy and that's what matters! 

Fall flavors to enjoy all week long! 

Fall flavors to enjoy all week long! 

4. The fall decor is out! Laid out the fall door mat, pulled down the pumpkin cups and jack-o-lantern cookie jar. I've got the candle holders out, fall flavors burning, the fall table cloth set and all the fall dishtowels ready. Let's do this fall thing!

New mug. I think it's pretty awesome, if you ask me. 

New mug. I think it's pretty awesome, if you ask me. 

5. Crushed appropriate amount of acorns...with my bare feet. OK, so maybe this one wasn't intentional, but nothing says fall like the sharp pain of an acorn splitting under the soft skin of your arch. PSA: Don't go outside barefoot this time of year. 

What's your favorite way to ring in this new season? 


Friday Five: A Day to Remember

Today is always a day to take a moment and remember those lives lost in what was one of the most unthinkable and astonishing events. I had the honor of visiting Ground Zero last year but I could not bring myself to take pictures. I wandered, read, paused, taking it all in all while saying silent prayers. It had to be one of the more sobering moments of my life to really be present in a place of complete tragedy. 

Instead of listing five of anything today, I'm going to do five things instead:

pause, reflect, pray, say "I love you," and hug someone close

I encourage you to do the same. Honor those we lost, remember them, and be grateful for what you have in your life now.  


Friday Five: A Grateful Heart

In the last week I've had many moments that have made me pause and think, "thank you for this." I find it very easy to fall into a trap of unconscious being, running around without being present or aware of the gifts that are in front of my face. We all do it. So because I've felt these strong pulls of thankfulness, it's the theme for today's post: 

Friday Five

A Grateful Heart

1. Seeing old friends. A college bestie, roommate, and my darling Fav came to town and I was elated to hug her neck, see her sweet face, and talk endlessly about life. Conversations with you, Esther, are the best and I'm so glad we became friends ten years ago. 

2. Connecting with new friends. So many fantastic females in my work place and I'm beyond grateful to connect with them. The teamwork to help one another, the stories to keep us laughing, and the arms to hug us when we're down, I'm so lucky to be in a place where all this exists with some of the loveliest ladies I know. 

3. A new washer. It's the little things. Well, a washer is not a little thing, but having one that works sure it a big deal to me! For the last year I've made our old washer keep going, cheering it on as the timer broke, continuously washing loads of laundry on every setting leaving me with soaked clothing that was never spun. I couldn't take it any more, the aggravation, the frustration, the annoyingly loud rumble of a washer that sounded like it was about to lift off. It was time and I am SO happy with my new singing washer. 

4. My husband. Always. He is always on this list. But especially this week when I think of that fact that most weeks he's not home to enjoy what he helps to provide: a new car, different cable service, a new washer, the freshly mowed backyard, our puppy fur child, and on and on. Somehow he selflessly gives, actively helping in this household while he works a majority of the time in another state. I appreciate it all. 

5. A brand new schedule. My semester is significantly different this time around and while I'm a little weirded out by it, I'm thankful for the change! There is time to complete what needs to be done and I feel a sense of inner peace that's been missing for quite some time. I still teach great kids and I still get to move with them in teaching ballet and setting choreography, which I love! I also get to wear normal clothes two days out of the week--it sounds nutty but I am enjoying picking out something other than yoga pants every day. 


Big or small, it doesn't matter so long as you recognize the things that make your heart say "thank you!" I nearly added peanut butter to the list, but like my husband, peanut butter will always be on the list of things I'm happy are in my life. 

What are you some things you're grateful for? 

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Friday Five...On a Saturday

First week, man, it's a tough one, but I made it through to the other side! Here are a few things I used to make it out alive: 

Friday Five...On a Saturday: 

Surviving the First Week of School

Starting from top left and working around...

1. Essential oils: I've been using lavender to sleep and a deep blue mix to relax and even an allergy blend to combat all the crazy gunk that's floating around lately. 

2. New Washer: We finally broke down and bought a washer because, well, ours broke down, too. SO this whole week I've been looking forward to my newest gadget to arrive! Yay for clean clothes! 

3. Passion Planner: I discovered this great planner last year thanks to one of my close friends. I love it and I've loved using it, especially on busy weeks like this one! It helps you see your whole week, prioritize the goals, and set yourself up for a plan over the course of days, weeks, months, and even years. In short, I love it! 

4. Tone It Up: In keeping week my Friday Five from last week, I picked back up on eating better and moving more. This week was all about the yoga and stretch from Barre3 and my new favorite site, Tone It Up

5. Menu Planner: Loving my check lists and planners, I can't imagine planning meals without this sucker. It really does help me lay out a game plan for kitchen and it helps me see what I've got on the docket, what I can shift around if need be, and remind me what I have to eat when I can't think my way out of a paper bag. 

Hope you guys enjoy your Saturday! I will be taking a long nap later on today but first, I'm going to play with my new washer! Yippee! 

What do you use to keep yourself together on busy weeks? 


Friday Five: Starting on the Right Foot

Made it through a crazy week of freshman orientation and NOW it's time for the big show, the first day of school. Boy howdy, y'all. It's been busy--not like that's surprising, it's always like that.

The school year is truly a roller coaster ride and at the end of it I always make note of everything I want to do differently or take note on what was the smartest thing that I've ever done. However, I don't always focus on how I want to start the year. Big difference. 

So today I'm sharing five things I'm hoping will help keep me in a in a good spot mentally, physically, and spiritually this semester.

Friday Five

Goals for Starting on the Right Foot

1. Focus when it's time to focus. By that I mean that when I'm working, focus on it the work. It's easy to get pulled off task and get distracted by other things. I really want to be better about that. 

When there's to-do's to be done, it's time to get crackin'! 

When there's to-do's to be done, it's time to get crackin'! 

2.  Take a real break. When the work day is over or when it's time to step away, actually take a break. I'm learning that I have better results in my work if I  give my brain a chance to rest. Who would have thunk?!

When my Handsome man is in town, we like to go for malts! Yes, I realize this is yogurt but whatevs--it's all good! 

When my Handsome man is in town, we like to go for malts! Yes, I realize this is yogurt but whatevs--it's all good! 

3. Make time for my health. It can be really easy to get behind, stay up late and then sleep in to catch up on some zzz's, skip a work out, and grab a bagged meal on the way home. I know because it's a trap I fall into and it becomes a pattern. I want to avoid breaking the good habits these next few months. 

A yoga session can clear the mind. A hug from a kitty can lighten your heart. 

A yoga session can clear the mind. A hug from a kitty can lighten your heart. 

4. Don't stress. There's not much I can't handle or anything I can't figure out without help. So why stress myself out unnecessarily? Some stress is good but living in a constant state is not. 

Sometimes I visualize peaceful places so to me pictures of my more peaceful moments  really  help! 

Sometimes I visualize peaceful places so to me pictures of my more peaceful moments really help! 

5. Branch out and have fun. All work and no play makes for a very boring day. And class. In general, I want to try some new things and new ideas both in the classroom and out. Making time for fun I know will help to spark some of those creative juices and be food for the soul. 

Getting out of your element can be just the fun you need! 

Getting out of your element can be just the fun you need! 

Share some of your goals for the coming months! I'd love to hear from ya!

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Friday Five: I'd So Wear That

Getting close to going on our Colorado vacation and I can't stop dreaming about it! Actually, that's not true, the other night I dreamt about a musical based on the life and times of Darth Vader and Jabba the Hutt. There was tap dancing and impressive props including a giant Vader helmet that flew. I even woke up singing the songs. Yes, my brain created songs for this fake musical. 

In any case, my day dreams have been about the beautiful mountain air and aspen trees. Can't. Wait. 

So while talking to Pyro Man about all the things we're planning on doing in Colorado, my first thoughts were, "Ooooh. What am I going to wear?!" A girl's got to look good out in the woods.

 I ran across an ad for Anthropolgie, one of my all time favorite stores, and showed it to the adventurous outdoorsy huntin'-and-fishin'-lovin' husband of mine. See how I'm setting this up for you? 

"Don't you think this would be perfect for our trip?!"

Blank stare. One arched eyebrow. Then unexplainably he walked out of the room.



Friday Five:

5 Ways Anthropologie Supported My Romanticized Outdoor Life

Five gorgeous outfits I'd TOTALLY wear to Colorado if I was just standing around posing.  

This is the "Sure, Honey! Let's go hiking! You get started and I'll catch up..." outfit. 

Credit to the Anthropologie facebook page

Credit to the Anthropologie facebook page

Picnic in the glen, anyone? I brought my purse to tip the deer. 

Credit to the Anthropologie facebook page

Credit to the Anthropologie facebook page

I'm ready to go on our bike trail! Don't forget your flowers! 

Credit to the Anthropologie facebook page

Credit to the Anthropologie facebook page

Here's an outfit for lounging around in the meadows. You know, so caus. 

Credit to the Anthropologie facebook page

Credit to the Anthropologie facebook page

Yes, if I were to go canoeing, I'd want to look like this. Except instead of canoeing I would just stand on the dock and look out over the water, too. 

Sidenote: This is the outfit Pyro Man walked out on. How can you walk away from this stylishness?!

Credit to the Anthropologie facebook page

Credit to the Anthropologie facebook page

All seriousness, I'd totally vaca in these outfits. I think they're gorgeous and stunning and if I could only convince Pyro Man they were necessary for our trip, I'd buy them up in a heart beat. 

And now, just for your viewing pleasure, last year's trip where I caught and HELD a fish. First time holding a fish in my adult life. It was gross.  PS: This fish was not squished in the making of this video despite the death grip I have on the little feller. 

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Friday Five: The Prep-Start

I'm down to three weeks until school starts again so I'm trying so hard to buckle down and get caught up. There's nothing worse than trying to get back on a normal schedule when you're in the thick of it all. SO. 

Friday Five

Five Ways to Prep for the Start 

1. Reset the sleep schedule. After a lot of late nights in rehearsals and in the theater, I don't want to go to bed before 11:30. That is BAD. I've got to get back on early to bed and early to rise schedules here. 

2. Rest the eating schedule (and menu). When you're sleep schedule is off, it throws everything else off including your meal times. Because I'm a little sleepy, I don't want to actually eat the right stuff all the time. *groan* That really doesn't do me any good. 

3. Reset the exercise regime. It's really a domino effect, people. Not getting enough sleep means too tired to do anything including exercise as regularly as I was before. Here's the thing, I know how much better I feel when I do get moving so I'd better hop to it! 

4. Prep for work. Time to get those course descriptions edited, calendars set, lectures ready, and music playlists set. Ready or not, here it comes! I'd like to start the semester feeling calm and collected...we'll see. 

5. Plan for fun. Sounds a little like an oxymoron, right? Who plans for fun? Well, me. I'm not exactly good about planning those fun things but with only a few weeks left until the stress level cranks up again, I'd like to make sure I take some time to enjoy the end of summer. 

What are five ways you prepare for a busy time? 

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