Julie Blue


Hi, I'm Julie! Welcome to my site! Grab a cup of coffee and come on in!

I love to dance (It's actually my day job!) and I really like writing. Oh, and baking. I can't turn away a hot chocolate chip cookie and I firmly believe peanut butter could be a food group all it's own.  I'm a proud Texan living in OKC with my Pyro Man husband and our three fur children. My love for calendars and to-do lists is only surpassed by my love for beautiful dishes and kitchen doodads! 

What can you expect from my little blog? Well, a little of this and that! You will find favored recipes, creative projects of mine, helpful life tips, my fashion finds and dreams as well as little peek into my dancer life. Take a look and stay a while! Can't wait to see your next comment! 

What's in a name anyway? 

Julie Blue is a family nickname I've had since I was a little girl. To me, nicknames are honored titles that show a particular bond between you and those that share it with you, in this case my family and family of the heart. 

So much of what makes me who I am today is because of the village that shaped me. In every project and endeavor, you can bet there was a large group of folks behind me cheering out words of encouragement along the way. I've been lucky to have people want to pitch in  and help whenever they can--"many hands make light work," as Grandma always said.  Better yet, I had people around me willing to share with me about what they knew.

I'm a lifelong learner, always wanting to create and find out how to do it. I've found that when I'm learning from someone else both parties get so much out of that teaching experience by sharing knowledge and experience.  They get to joyfully share their life and I get to gleefully benefit from it! 

This is a blog about sharing moments in life. Some of that is the music I love, the people I care most for, inspiration in the moment, food and recipes either my own creations or ones I've loved over the years. 

Here on Julie Blue I'm able to share with you what I've learned from the people I love and some of my own creations and ideas.  I enjoy sharing the delights of my life and I look forward to sharing them with you! 


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