Happy Fourth of July! 

AMERICA! Love this time of year! What's summer without the watermelon and hot dogs and some patriotic music? Break out the grill and the flags, it's time to celebrate the day our grand country was founded! 

Today I'll be celebrating with hot dogs and cherry pie and then catching a front row fireworks show with my man. I never knew what it took to make a fireworks show go off until I met my husband. What a project that is! Good luck to all the pyro crews out there today and be safe! 

Back in the day we used to enjoy the fireworks show from the roof of my aunt and uncle's house. Good grief, I hated climbing that ladder to get to the top. My poor hands are sweating just thinking about stepping from the ladder to the roof--yeesh! BUT, it was all worth it to see all the shows across Lubbock. Confetti bursts of all colors painted the sky as Grandma sang out "Yankee Doodle" and shouted "AMERICA" over and over again! 

Enjoying some fresh slices of watermelon as a kiddo. 

Enjoying some fresh slices of watermelon as a kiddo. 

I hope everyone has a sparkling fourth of July! Wave the flag high, honor the stars and stripes, and thank your lucky stars for the freedoms we have here in the good ol' USA! 

Every heart beats true for the red, white and blue!

Food? Fireworks? What's your favorite part of the 4th of July?