Brag MOMent

Taking a moment to brag on my incredibly talented mother. The home-made trends I see so many people picking up on these days aresimply my childhood life. If I saw clothes I liked, Mom would inspect the article and then simple say, "I can make that." And she would. 

If there was a dish or cookie I thought was worth trying to recreate, Mom would do a little research, create her own thing, and bam!  Specially created meal for moi. 

My wedding dress? Hand sewn lace overdress of a completely new pattern set to my specifications. Only my mother, truly a labor of love. 

Photograph by Apryl Ann Photography

Photograph by Apryl Ann Photography

Just anything she sees a potential to create, she does and always changing and adjusting to fit her needs and wants pr her daughters' desires. I'm simply amazed at all she can do. I keep saying my kids are not going to have the fabulous costumes and jumpers that I had growing up. Since my niece was born, I've been pretty cured of that fear. 

Gran, as Mom is affectionately called, has made some pretty impressive items for Miss Maddie, my niece. A mardi gras outfit, her very own Princess Sophia costume, a colorful sesame street dress with completed party decorations, and that's just the start. It's almost insane--what's more insane is how easy Mom makes it look! And if you know my mom, you know she'll tell you, "Oh it's really easy! You just do..." and then continue to blow our minds with all the "easy" steps she took to make it.  

Well, lately Gran has been working on a tent for Maddie and a her friend. It's a fun little tent for her to hide out, read, play, whatever she wants. Her very own princess space. I, for one, cannot wait to try and crawl in this tent myself. I have a feeling it will be hard for Maddie to make room for Nannie JuJu though. 

Check out these sample pics she sent me!

The fabrics choices she made for Maddie are perfect, total girly princess themed! The style below if for Maddie's little friend, Lucy. Great colors for that kid with cute orange and purple cats! 

It's completely customized for the kids and the best part is how much Mom really enjoys making something for her granddaughter. It's always better made with a little bit of love, right? 

Have you ever made something specially for someone you love?