Carols in the Air

It's a Christmas miracle, another blog! That's two this month--whoo-hoo! It's always a trifle busy this time of year and I've found myself eyeball deep in school to-do's making it nearly impossible to sit down and blog. Such is the life of a professor. 

So what's been going on since last I wrote? We blocked, tech-ed and opened our Christmas show, another year of delightful Christmas songs, dancing toys, and gorgeous lights and costumes.  My family got to come to see it which is always fun. My niece especially loves dancing and it's a joy to watch her light up watching this show. 

I always feel like I must look exhausted by the time our shows roll around. All those late nights are a little harder to bounce back from as I get older. Goodness! 

After that it was head down into finals. As a student you study so hard for one test, write and edit all night for the one paper, and practice and rehearse for one presentation. As a professor, we grade every test times the number of students, grade every paper times the number of students, and grade every presentation times the number of students. My amount of academics and the number of students was a little higher this semester so it's taken me a little longer than I hoped to complete my grading.

But today, I am four projects away from being free of grading until January! And I am more than ready to get through it all! It's a perfect day to get this stuff done, too. With the arctic blast that blew through here yesterday, I'm happily cozied up on the couch, safe from the 10* weather. Yeesh, you guys! Those gusts of wind are COLD! 

When the fall semester chapter closes, I'll be ready for the excitement of Christmas break and all the Christmas traditions that wait. Baking cookies, wrapping gifts, and spending time with family. I'm also looking forward to some down time reading for pleasure, catching up on some shows, and working on some personal projects I've had in mind. It's going to fly by so fast... I just know it. 

Onward to a happy winter break! 

What are some things you're looking forward to this winter break? 

Brown paper packages tied up with string...these are a few of my favorite things! 

Brown paper packages tied up with string...these are a few of my favorite things!