Christmas Jams

I'm spending a lot of time at work grading, writing letters, reading papers, and jotting down ideas for the spring. All that time in my office, I need something to just keep me feeling light and joyful despite the ever growing list of to-do's. This particular time of year is usually made easier with the help of some good ol' classic Christmas music. 

I whipped a quick playlist of my favorite albums to listen to this time of year. I swear they help me work faster without getting irritated by the same old carols. Let's be honest, this is a season we don't need to feel irritated. I want to by joyous in celebrating this Christmas spirit! And if I have to spend three solids weeks bringing in a show, grading millions of papers, projects and wrapping up a semester, well, by golly, I'm going to do it to some incredibly soothing yet seasonal music! 

I have a few albums from my childhood I love to play in the background, just classical style Christmas tunes that help me focus and feel cheerful. When it comes to reading papers and editing work, I will get way too distracted with too many lyrics--I can't help but break out in song! At the same time you can't have Christmas music without a few sing alongs. Just had to make sure they were ones that didn't (a) pull me off task or (b) grate the nerves! I think these artists will do just fine though! 

Happy listening to all and to all a happy weekend! 

What are some of your favorite holidays albums?