Colorado Coffee

Bright sun, warm weather, and a fresh pot of hot coffee--that's the ideal morning wake up to me. 




In my cabinets there is a whole shelf devoted to special coffee cups. I'm sure most people have ones they prefer to use for various reasons. My dad rotates his favorite ones like every seven years or so. Creatures of habit. 

This one though. It's one of my absolute favorites. Last August my husband and I took a trip to Lake City, Colorado, a little mountain town in the south western part of the state. Charming, peaceful, relaxing, beautiful. For a quiet getaway, this was the ticket.  

On a side trip through the mountains, we stopped in Silverton and walked through the shops in town. I ran across this style of pottery a local artist sold in some of the shops and I just fell in love with it. To me it look like how colorado felt; cool, calming, and grounded.

Every time I use this cup it makes me feel like I'm sitting on the porch of the cabin soaking up the sunshine and the mountain air. I love to curl up in my favorite chair or sit on my back porch swing, wrap my hands around it, inhale deeply and close my eyes. It's the most peaceful way to start the day. 

What's your favorite way to start the day?