Crazy Summer

Summer time, a time to relax or, if you're like me, ramp up the the amount of activities on your list to do! Hi. It's Julie. The blogger of this little blog and I'm back. 

It's been a crazy summer, much like the last couple I've had but this year I took a second to just focus on what needed to be done. And it felt really great to just do focus on one thing at a time. I was actually a lot less stressed in many ways and I'm taking a lesson in that. 

SO. What the heck was I doing during these last few months? I had another opportunity to come back to Texas to work with a theater setting Fiddler on the Roof with one of my favorite choreographers who was actually directing. It was a lot of fun and the cast and crew, so lovely! Two months of singing and dancing, can it get any better? 

The last couple of weeks I've been teaching classes for our on campus music theater and dance camps. My body is so sore, my heart is so full. I really enjoy getting to see young dancers have a blast moving, smiling and enjoying that freedom that comes with dance. There's a lot of technique, but I made it my mission the last two weeks to focus on the fun with great music and interesting combos. Much like getting someone to eat their veggies, you cover those technique needs with some flavor in style and music choice and those students will have a good time!

Did I mention my body is sore? Oy, my feet! 

Now--it's back to school time, y'all! Can you believe it? I may have about three weeks until orientation week for the fall begins, but I've got much to do and a fun final summer vaca coming up! So, with that, I'm off to get some stuff done! 

In the mean time, a few brief pictures to summarize the summer which included celebrating the big 3-0, baking delicious pies, sewing pretty things, celebrating an opening, a blooming garden, and a five year anniversary hoorah! Enjoy!