Dear 2017 Me

Dear 2017 Me, 

I know you, you're going to be spending the next few days thinking of that's going to happen starting on January 1st. What goals can I make? What I do today determines the year--where should I start? How can I take on all that I want to in only 12 months? 

Well, stop for a second. You're going to fly into a tailspin if you're not careful. A new year is just that, a new year. Take a second to remember your goal for 2017: to be intentional! 

You really did that!

You wanted to be intentional with your time. You practiced that as often as possible, focusing on work at work so you could enjoy more home life. You tried really hard not scroll mindlessly--and even if you did, you were conscious to put the phone down. Heck, you challenged yourself to new projects in the summer like sewing! You even broke out the ol' library card again to get back into reading. You found new ways to organize yourself and your priorities to help guide you. It all made a difference. 

You wanted to be intentional with your relationships. Having your husband in the same house really helped with this! You guys traveled together, took walks together, ate together, made plans together and it was all wonderful. I'm serious--there's no way you messed this up because you had a constant reminder in front of you and a desire in your heart to be present with your man. I think you guys did an awesome job this first year with this big change. 

You also made an effort to see your friends and spend time with them. This can get hard when everyone is busy with work or family things, but you made honest efforts to spend time with people you care about more often than you think. 

You wanted to be more intentional with your word. Follow through with what you said, don't just pay lip service. I think there was only one real moment that you felt like your missed this one. And you know what, you got back up and worked really hard to make up for it AND make sure it didn't happen again. I think that's the true lesson, making an honest effort to be better. I also think finding a new to-do list system really helped! 

So 2017 me, as you're looking ahead at the 2018 you and all that you want to accomplish this year, know this: keeping your goals simple was the best thing you could have done. It wasn't overly complicated, it was straight forward and something you could follow in many aspects of your life. 

Don't get too caught up in changing up your whole world in one day. Keep the lessons you learned this year and keep working them. You are a work in progress and as cheesy as it is, this life is about the journey. Set your goals. Be intentional. If you trip, get back up again and keep trying. 

This is going to be a good year--every year on this earth is a good one so celebrate it fully! 


With love, 

2018 Me