Dressing Knit Up

Once you make something, you've got to take it for a spin. I knew I wanted yesterday's knit dress to be casual, something I could wear around the house, but something I could also throw a cardigan over, style with shoes and a necklace and a swipe of mascara. If you ask me, I got it all with this dress. 

Jean jackets work really well with dresses like these and paired with some in-season heels and a long necklace, I'm ready to roll anywhere in town! 

I'm even rocking those "beach waves" which is really just wet hair I slept on the night before. 

Little secrets revealed, but hey man, this is real life, baby! 

By the way, when your husband says your dress is wrinkly, you should probably listen. Whoops...

Keeping it little more casual, I just swapped out the jean jacket for a simple black cardigan. 

This is one of those outfits I deem "easy-peasy" and one I will probably use over and over again this spring and summer. Even Penny likes it!

Got a favorite dress you live in?