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Dressing the Turkey

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And by turkey I really mean me.

If you're like me and you're traveling somewhere for Thanksgiving, of course you have to think about what you're going to wear. Packing can stress me out sometimes. I pull out way too many options most of the time and I'm left with an oversized bag full of things I'll never wear.

In my attempt to be better at this, I did a little window shopping online at some of favorite spots. My only requirement: lycra. 

Seriously, if I'm going to be enjoying this delicious meal and probably a second helping, pie included, I need to feel comfortable so spandex it is!

Some great stretch jeans and a super gorgeous blousey top like this one from Madewell would be a great easy look for a relaxed lunch. 

Picture from Madewell.com - Click for link! 

Picture from Madewell.com - Click for link! 

What about this top from Landry Kate? I spotted it on Instagram the other day and I've been thinking about how that would look with a sweet pair of brown booties. 

Picture from LandryKate.com - Click for link! 

Picture from LandryKate.com - Click for link! 

I'm really drooling over this patchwork shirt dress from Anthropologie! How amazing is this piece?!

Picture from anthropologie.com - Click for link! 

Picture from anthropologie.com - Click for link! 

So in love, I can't help it! Sometimes you don't want formal but jeans are too casual. This dress would work well! 

If you're going more formal, you might need something with a more chic feel. How about this sweet peplum sweater from Loft for a more sophisticated look? I can see this with pearls and a great set of black boots! 

Picture from Loft.com - Click for link! 

Picture from Loft.com - Click for link! 

Gorgeous clothing for a relaxed Thanksgiving meal. Now to convince Pyro Man that I need to go shopping...

What are you planning on wearing this Thanksgiving?

Thankful Thought #16 & 17

#16. I'm grateful for lycra. Best. Material. Ever! Not only do I get to wear it everyday for work because yes, my job is that awesome BUT I can also throw an awesome top over a sweet pair of black leggings and strut my stuff down the street. Love that. 

#17. I'm thankful for my little orange fuzzy motor, Honey. My Honey-kins is truly my cat, a one woman kitty who loves completely. She fusses all the time, snuggles up close, lays across all my papers, hugs me when I hold her, purrs non-stop and steals my hair ties. I love that she comes when I call her, waits patiently for me while I shower, and loves to rub on my feet before bed. I can't imagine a single day without my perfect kitty.