Eureka! A Vacation!

We took a vacation! Yahoo! I know, people take vacations all the time, but I was really looking forward to a getaway with my man. I did it right, too. I put a pause button on work, kept off the social media (somewhat), found the perfect spot, and savored every moment with Pyro Man. 

Look at that face, pure joy for the escape! 

Look at that face, pure joy for the escape! 

We packed up the car, loaded up the pup and took off for Eureka Springs. I wanted to see fall, the leaves falling, turning, the whole works! It was all that and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend for our getaway. 

Made it!

Made it!

Everything about this place was charming! 

The leaves were beautiful--I just enjoyed looking at all the colors. So did Penny Pup!

I wanted a good break from everything but I wanted to stretch my limbs, get some fresh air and feel like I was doing more than laying around. Happily I've got an outdoorsy guy who loves a good adventure. We hiked a few trails which Penny LOVED, of course, and took a few drives around town. A trip to the Thorncrown Chapel was a peaceful break before we tackled a hatchery to try and catch some trout. Pyro Man caught four, I caught some leaves. Many bites and almost-got-it moments, but no dice--better luck next time, I guess!

We enjoyed some great meals out in the downtown area. Local Flavor was amazing and if you stop at Aquarius Tacos, you should definitely try the fish tacos and for sure get a pork taco! A little outside of town was Anglers, a local bar and restaurant. Pyro Man had the catfish while I went for the 1/2 pound cheese burger that I'm pretty sure I inhaled. Delicious. 

As you can see we were a little too busy chowing down to really take pictures of the food...that's not the point of the trip though, is it?

I'm so glad we got a break, a time out together in a what was just a quiet and relaxing place. We only had one panic situation involving my foot and a tick...I survived, I still have my foot, and my husband has officially been dubbed my rescuer. I'm such a city slicker. 

We're home again and back in the swing of things feeling a little refreshed and ready to tackle the next couple months. We've got big changes coming, but for now I'll be dreaming about our next fall trip to our little cabin in the woods. 

Where do you like to vacation in the fall?