First Night after a First Day

First day of school, it's always an exciting one and incredibly busy. New students, old students, greeting new faculty and hugging old friends, the day is nothing but a giant festival of happy hellos. It's beautiful, really. It's probably the more inspiring time of the year with goals and hopes set for an exciting and new beginning--and what's more wonderful than a new adventure? 

Today was a lovely first day, but ya'll. I'm all worn out now. I had every intention of coming home and sitting down to write a few blog posts. Folks, my little self was when I got home.

With half a brain I managed to heat up some left overs and pack lunch for tomorrow. After a nice long shower, I plan on some seriously restful sleep before starting again tomorrow. So on that note, I bid you all a wonderful good night! Happy back to school to one and all! 

What's your favorite part of the first day of school?