Friday Five: A Grateful Heart

In the last week I've had many moments that have made me pause and think, "thank you for this." I find it very easy to fall into a trap of unconscious being, running around without being present or aware of the gifts that are in front of my face. We all do it. So because I've felt these strong pulls of thankfulness, it's the theme for today's post: 

Friday Five

A Grateful Heart

1. Seeing old friends. A college bestie, roommate, and my darling Fav came to town and I was elated to hug her neck, see her sweet face, and talk endlessly about life. Conversations with you, Esther, are the best and I'm so glad we became friends ten years ago. 

2. Connecting with new friends. So many fantastic females in my work place and I'm beyond grateful to connect with them. The teamwork to help one another, the stories to keep us laughing, and the arms to hug us when we're down, I'm so lucky to be in a place where all this exists with some of the loveliest ladies I know. 

3. A new washer. It's the little things. Well, a washer is not a little thing, but having one that works sure it a big deal to me! For the last year I've made our old washer keep going, cheering it on as the timer broke, continuously washing loads of laundry on every setting leaving me with soaked clothing that was never spun. I couldn't take it any more, the aggravation, the frustration, the annoyingly loud rumble of a washer that sounded like it was about to lift off. It was time and I am SO happy with my new singing washer. 

4. My husband. Always. He is always on this list. But especially this week when I think of that fact that most weeks he's not home to enjoy what he helps to provide: a new car, different cable service, a new washer, the freshly mowed backyard, our puppy fur child, and on and on. Somehow he selflessly gives, actively helping in this household while he works a majority of the time in another state. I appreciate it all. 

5. A brand new schedule. My semester is significantly different this time around and while I'm a little weirded out by it, I'm thankful for the change! There is time to complete what needs to be done and I feel a sense of inner peace that's been missing for quite some time. I still teach great kids and I still get to move with them in teaching ballet and setting choreography, which I love! I also get to wear normal clothes two days out of the week--it sounds nutty but I am enjoying picking out something other than yoga pants every day. 


Big or small, it doesn't matter so long as you recognize the things that make your heart say "thank you!" I nearly added peanut butter to the list, but like my husband, peanut butter will always be on the list of things I'm happy are in my life. 

What are you some things you're grateful for? 

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