Friday Five: All the Restorative Things

My six week stint of summer classes is officially complete! Taught my last class on Wednesday and now it’s time to rest this ol’ body! It felt so good to be active and moving so much but about two weeks ago I think my body started to reject all the intensity. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing!

Friday Five: All the Restorative Things

  1. Foam rollers for life! My IT Bands have been super tight lately and with a little roll out at night, they start to ease up a bit.

  2. Gel ice pack for the win! My mother ordered me this gel pack and I honestly can’t imagine anything better. I use it on my back after standing all day and on my hips when they start to ache from tightness. It’s so soft and stays cold for a long, long time. Can’t beat it!

  3. Epsom salts because aches and pains happen. Dr. Teal’s is easy to grab at any store and man, it really does a body good! Plus, I feel so relaxed, it’s easy to just pass out after a long soak.

  4. Good tennis shoes can make a world of difference. I invested in two new pairs this summer and they have done a world of good for my body going to and from class! This is my every day pair and this is my walking pair. Expensive? 100%, but that’s why I say investment because it’s an investment in my body’s health and wellness.

  5. Magnolia Chocolate Chip Cookies. Okay, these don’t sound like they fit the rest of the list, but a good chocolate chip cookie can do wonders for the soul! And these, y’all. They are divine! I don’t say that lightly because my mother is a cookie queen and I love her’s so much, but dang. These are so freaking good!

Happy Friday, y’all!

You’re welcome.

Now go bake some cookies for yourself!