Friday Five: Being Present

Being present in a moment is such a challenge for me. My little brain just doesn't whirring half the time. So being completely and fully present enough to enjoy every second of simple moments made this one week I really savored!

1. I kicked back in the front row of an awesome PBR show with a cold beer and a handsome guy next to me. What could be better? 

2. This week I finished one piece and started another. The process of creation can sometimes be frustrating but sometimes, like this week, it can be pretty awesome watching it all unfold. 


3. I indulged in a perfectly made hot chocolate chip cookie and I didn't regret one bite. 

4. I went out with some girlfriends on a week night--pretty much an unheard of act for me! And between the queso, limes, laughs and fun, I lost track of time and to-do's which was perfect. Just what I needed!

-No pictures for this one. Why? Because I was TOTALLY present with the girls. Why else?-

5. I took some time to focus on prep for life next week. Aka: eating.  

How have you been present this week?