Friday Five: Five Thankful Thoughts

For the last week I've had several moments of "I'm so grateful" and "Thank goodness for this." Having a hard time just picking a single Thankful Thought, I'm doing five right here, right now! 

Friday Five

Five Thankful Thoughts for the Week

1. So thankful for girlfriends! Text messages, sorority songs, pizza dates, shopping sales, sangria cheers, and comedy clubs--I'm glad for the moments I've had this last couple weeks with women who lift me up, make me laugh, and encourage me. I've been lucky to find great friends in life and I'm really grateful for the time spent with each one. 

2. I may be getting older, but I can still move! I grumble when I plie and hear my knees crunch and crackle--yes, you read that right and yes, I'm still in my 20's. When I go on a walk, lift weights, stretch it out in yoga or flap across the floor, I'm reminded my body is awesome and can do so much. Instead of fussing over what I can't do or the loss in flexibility, it's time to focus on what I can and how I can maintain and improve. After all, you only get one body! 

3. Amy Phoeler's Yes, Please! read by Amy Poehler is the absolute best thing ever done ever. Y'all. I  just used "ever" twice in one sentence meaning it really is that good. I downloaded a free trial of Audible and started with Yes, Please! and it's amazing. Not only that, but hearing the author read it how they wrote it makes the book all the more awesome.  Go listen now, you won't be sorry. 

4. I am grateful for the existence of coffee! For without this glorious caffeinated brew, my mornings would be less productive, my speed more of a slow trudge, my eyes without light, and my enthusiasm under the sunshiny norm. Thank you, Coffee, for pulling the best and most optimistic version of myself out of the darkness every 6:30 am! 

5. I got such a good guy.  I could never be grateful enough for the man who is my husband. He can handle my weirdness, my tears, my crazy moments and the loving ones, too. I could share all the moments I'm reminded that he's the one for me and all the reasons why, but I'll keep my endorsement for my man short: He's awesome and I'm glad he's mine!

What's on your grateful list this week?