Friday Five: It's Been Forever

I tried to create something that kept me accountable in writing weekly, the Friday Five. I did pretty well...and then you know, life happened. So here's just a little recap of life lately in this ever so exciting Friday Five: 

Friday Five

1. I've rediscovered my love of tea. Peppermint tea at night has been a nice and relaxing way to end the evening. Also enjoying Celestial Tea's Sweet Pumpkin Harvest in the afternoons while I'm observing our students teaching dance. 

2. Food is always on my mind and lately I've wanted to go to simple classics. Baked potato and salad for lunches this week topped with cottage cheese and ham for a little extra protein. Simple and easy on the tummy. 

3. Ever since our vacation I've been really wanting to take more long walks and hikes. Penny and I have been spending more time taking 45 minute walks around the neighborhood. I'm hoping to get us out to a park trail this weekend. She gets worn out, I feel rejuvenated, and we both get some time outside the house. 

4. It's all about balance, baby! OK, maybe I'm really talking about my bottle of essential oils being my balance. My balance scale is always tipping one way or another--some things get more attention than others and it's forever changing. So long as I can maintain a level of peace every day, it will all get done when it's supposed to! 


5. I'm feeling creative and ready to shake it up! Actually, I go through this feeling all the time. I'm constantly inspired by friends who follow their dreams, people who are crafting and making, and students making plans for after graduation. I get inspired by so much, it makes me want to create, too. 

Got anything fun planned this weekend?