Friday Five: Obsessions Lately

I've discovered a few new things that have made their way into my every day life. In short, they're my new favorites. 

Friday Five

Obsessions Lately

1. #GirlBoss Radio - Found the podcast when they first aired, but I'm only now catching up with all the posts. Every interview is different and I really enjoy the stories from each girl boss they interview. It's really relaxed--i.e. they cut up a lot and you hear the occasional burp on air--and I feel inspired after I listen to the candid interviews. They don't mince words and they're pretty honest about getting to where they are now. I'm a little late to the game, but I TOTALLY have #girlboss the book waiting in my Amazon cart now! 

2. Make It Happen - This book by Lara Casey was recommended to me by a friend. I'd heard of it before, but I just hadn't take the moment to read it until now. It's so inspirational, makes you want to jump out of your fears and into excitement, take a chance on your own ideas! 

3. La Croix - In the last few months I've been trying some new bubbly options that weren't soda and I've really come to enjoy my La Croix. Favorites so far: lime (LOVE), mango, coconut, and cherry lime. Delicious! 

4. Passion Planner Paradise Blue - Passion Planner just released a new color for their cover and I'm IN LOVE! Don't get me wrong, I adore my GOAL-den cover, but that paradise blue is gorgeous! It's undated and I'm SUPER tempted to purchase to use for next year, but I'm going to hold out and wait to see if they release the cover with 2017 dates! 

5. Honey Mint Chocolate Patties - I found these gems a few weeks ago and I LOVE them! Just enough sweet to satisfy my tastebuds after a meal. Today I discovered they have Almond Chocolate, Pomegranate Chocolate, and Double Dark Chocolate, too! Yum! 

What are some of your inspirations lately?