Friday Five: Summer is Over

Y'all. This last month has flown by and with it went summer. I mean, sure, we still got a couple months of melting to do, but good grief, the season is still going strong and dang it, if it doesn't feel like it's already over. 

Friday Five: Stick a Fork In It, Summer is Done

Five ways you know Summer is over

1. July 4th has come and gone. Call me crazy, but whenever July 4th happens, it feels like the end of the season because...

2. BAM! School supplies everywhere. You can't walk into a store without being reminded that the looming school bell tolls for us all. Kids gotta start buying those uniforms and before you know it...

3. Fall fashion are out in store front. Seriously, right next to the uniforms you can see the hues of autumn peeking behind the bikini sales racks. Who wants to buy SWEATERS at the end of JULY?! I sweat just looking at them. Except at my parents house. Lordy, that house is like an igloo--I'm permanently attached to my cardigans. Speaking of sweat...

4. Heat. The heat, oh my goodness, it's getting up there. Can't complain since it's been fairly "cool" this summer, however,  mother nature has cranked up the temperature now and always does right up to fall. Drives everyone into the house, including the mosquitos! It's hard to getaway from it all unless..

5. You book a last minute vacation somewhere cool(er)--everyone is trying to cram them in before the end! Even Pyro Man and I booked our August get away before I have to be in faculty meetings and throwing on another pair of jazz shoes. 

So goodbye, Summertime. I'll start coping with your departure...Monday. For now, it's time to close out the show this weekend and wrap up my family time. 

When do you think summer time is over? 

SNEAK PEEK! A little project with Mom today that's sure to be a sweet one!