Friday Five: Time Spent

Sometimes it's good to count up a few things that went right during the week, count the good stuff before the good times start. So here we go!

First Friday Five: Time Spent

1. Celebrating 3 years with my man! 

  • Sure, I've already posted twice about it, but it still makes my heart happy.  A year of long distance love under our belt (not including the three we did dating) and we're still going strong!

2. Doing what I love every night this week!

  • This summer I got the opportunity to work at a theater I grew up performing at as a kid. What's even better is the job is as a co-choreographer, a job I really enjoy doing. Every time I go to rehearsal, I love the rush of getting things done in a time crunch. More than that, I love seeing movement on paper come to life before my eyes! It's a great gig! 

3. Having coffee with my mom

  • Taking this job with the theater meant coming back home for four weeks. Every morning so far I've been able to have a cup of coffee with Mom while we make breakfast or put away clean dishes. Just a simple time to visit and catch up. 

4. Working on this blog

  • I had a little blog for six years that I loved. Julie Blue has been a reinvention of my little start and spending time creating and working on this site has sparked a joy in me I'm happy to have. 

5.  Being with family

  • Seeing my niece sing and dance, cooking up dinner with the rents, concerts with my in-laws, and science museum excursions with my sister--all things I'm so glad I have the ability to do right now. My heart has been more full in the last couple weeks getting to see people I love than it has been in a while. I'm grateful for the time I have here at home. 

What's something that you enjoyed spending your time doing this week? 

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