Friday Five

Hey hey ya'll! It's Friday and it's time to let our hair down! Whoo-hoo!

Only two more work days after today until my favorite holiday but that still leaves six full days until it's turkey lurkey time. Instead of wishing away these last few days, I'll just remind myself of why this holiday really is the bees knees! 

Friday Five

Five Reasons Why Thanksgiving is Amazing

1. The food. Seriously. It's always amazing and there are some pretty good classics I can always count on to on the table. First there's the perfect turkey and dreamy gravy to top it off. Then you've got the traditional cranberry sauce, my favorite. My mother's rice dressing, a nod to her cajun  roots. Oh, and all the pies! Mince Meat! 

2. The table settings. I love seeing all the beautiful table arrangements in magazines with gorgeous flowers and such, but nothing really compares to home. We use a fabulous set of my grandmother's dish ware. Dad's mom, Mother Prebble, had a lot of great sets of dishes, stunning depression ware, but this set is the perfect color for fall, amber!

3. The Macy's Day Parade! I love watching the parade especially if I can watch it while making some Thanksgiving treats. I love watching the Broadway snippets, watching the Rockettes and their eye-high kicks (College dreams live on), and all the amazing balloons. How can you not smile while watching the parade?

4. The OFFICIAL Start of Christmas! Once I see Santa on that sleigh at the end of the parade I'm popping on the Christmas carols and ready to see good ol' George Bailey. To me this is the official kick-off of the holly jolly season! 

5.  The people! We started celebrating the holiday with a few close family friends and rotated houses each year. Every year was full of fun! It's changed over the last 20 years; People moved, kids grew up, and two chairs sit empty at our table. We've been spending the last ten Thanksgivings at my parents' house and we've added a few new faces to the mix. One thing remains, we come together for a night of good food, good conversation, and good times! 

Gobble gobble, ya'll! 

Apple pie, anyone?

Apple pie, anyone?

Thankful Thought #18

18. I'm thankful for pie and all the wonderful flavors there are in the world. Really deep thought today, I know. 

What's your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?