Friday Five

It's Friday, yay! We made it through the week, tackled those projects, and got stuff done! I tell you what, after weeks like this, a Friday sure does feel like the first sip of a good cold cocktail. I certainly plan on toasting to the weekend! 

Alright, Friday Five! Back at it this week. I just read an article about hygge in Women's Health the other day. There's a great New Yorker article here from December, but BASICALLY it's about finding that feeling on being comfortable and cozy, really. It seems it's the little things that make you feel, well, happy and content, I suppose. So, in the spirit of hygge, I've got five things that have just brought me pure joy during these last few busy weeks. 

Friday Five

Little Bits of Happy


1.  Pen Mate Markers - I love putting pen to paper for lists and calendars, it just feels relaxing to me. I'm pretty picky about what pens I use to write in my Passion Planner specifically so I took a gamble on trying some a couple single Pen Mate Markers from Office Depot. Y'all. I'm in love and I've got a package sitting in my Amazon cart ready for purchase as an end-of-school treat! 

2. Gardening - We spent last weekend cleaning up our front and back yards as well as our little box garden. Two years ago we had a thriving vegetable garden that brought us so many tomatoes, cilantro, squash, and jalepenos. We loved it! But summer work got in the way and we put a pause button on it. BUT, after cleaning everything out, we've got cucumbers, cantaloupes, and watermelons planted! Hoping we're going to have another successful harvest this year! I've got flower seeds to plant, too, a total inspiration per Lara Casey's Instagram Stories. That women is so inspirational and her garden is stunning to say the least. I want a vase of flowers on the kitchen table every day or at least that's the dream! 

3. Bai Drinks - Oh my word, they're so good. I was in heaven with their coconut flavor and then I tried the mango and last weekend I had their watermelon one. So. darn. GOOD! Even the bubble versions are delicious! Try the pineapple, you won't regret it! 

4. Smokehouse Flavored Almonds - I love those salty smokey things. A handle with a pepper jack cheese stick and I'm one happy girl. In fact, I think that's going to be my snack today! 

5. Bella Grace Magazine - My mom sent me to look for this magazine at Barnes and Noble last fall and I thought it would cry. It's a work of art really and a journaling lover's dream come true. There are beautiful articles to read, take-your-breath-away pictures and exercises to do that tap into your creativity or just let your mind wander for a moment. In following them on Instagram, I answered one of their questions. When I picked up this season's edition of a whim, I opened up the article to find this...

See a familiar name?!

See a familiar name?!

Day = Made!

Look, Mom! I'm published! Just kidding. But really...

Alright y'all!  Here's to hoping you find your own little bits of happiness throughout your weekend! Happy Friday everybody!