Friday Five...On a Saturday

First week, man, it's a tough one, but I made it through to the other side! Here are a few things I used to make it out alive: 

Friday Five...On a Saturday: 

Surviving the First Week of School

Starting from top left and working around...

1. Essential oils: I've been using lavender to sleep and a deep blue mix to relax and even an allergy blend to combat all the crazy gunk that's floating around lately. 

2. New Washer: We finally broke down and bought a washer because, well, ours broke down, too. SO this whole week I've been looking forward to my newest gadget to arrive! Yay for clean clothes! 

3. Passion Planner: I discovered this great planner last year thanks to one of my close friends. I love it and I've loved using it, especially on busy weeks like this one! It helps you see your whole week, prioritize the goals, and set yourself up for a plan over the course of days, weeks, months, and even years. In short, I love it! 

4. Tone It Up: In keeping week my Friday Five from last week, I picked back up on eating better and moving more. This week was all about the yoga and stretch from Barre3 and my new favorite site, Tone It Up

5. Menu Planner: Loving my check lists and planners, I can't imagine planning meals without this sucker. It really does help me lay out a game plan for kitchen and it helps me see what I've got on the docket, what I can shift around if need be, and remind me what I have to eat when I can't think my way out of a paper bag. 

Hope you guys enjoy your Saturday! I will be taking a long nap later on today but first, I'm going to play with my new washer! Yippee! 

What do you use to keep yourself together on busy weeks?