Hey hey hey!

First time on Julie Blue Blog, a GIVEAWAY!

What what!

I'm a tad bit excited if you couldn't tell...

Okie dokie! Today I'm giving away TWO jars of the jalapeno jam we made! Two lucky winners will be receive their very own jar full of goodness in a well packed box via mail. All you have to do is comment and share! Here are the details:

 Tag two friends when you leave a comment answering the question, "What would you do with your very own jar of Jalapeno Peach Jam?" Comments must be made in the comment section of this blog post OR my facebook post or instagram post about this particular "GIVEAWAY". Make sure you tag TWO friends within your comments as well! 

(NOTE: You do not need to comment for every place this giveaway has been announced; one comment in one social media area is a valid entry. Comments and tags must be for this particular posting with the opening title "GIVEAWAY.")

Winners will be announced SATURDAY, AUGUST 1st  by 12:00 pm on the blog, facebook, and instagram. Instructions for receiving your very own jar of Jalapeno Jam will follow. 

So dear readers, tell me...

What would you do with your very own jar of Jalapeno Peach Jam?

Share it? Use it on chicken? Eat it by the spoonful? Party treat?