Good Morning, Monday!

Hello sweet readers! It's a new day, another start to the week and time to get cracking! I'm starting this week with a lot of coffee after a restful weekend! How 'bout you?

After what seemed like a whirlwind of four weeks, I finally had a weekend where I could do crazy things like vacuum my house, clean out the kitchen, grocery shop and unearth my kitchen table. I'm not going to lie, it felt so darn good to do that! I'm no neat freak, but I certainly like a tidy space and it just got ridiculous there for a hot minute. 

Sometimes you just have to take a moment to clear it out  and give yourself a clean work space--I truly believe that can help you set the tone for a fresh start. Monday's can be a great day to refresh, too, first day of the new week and all. They might not be everyone's favorite day of the week, certainly not mine, however, it's still possible to give it a positive beginning for you.

Take a quick five minutes today and clear off your work space, empty out the dishwasher or clear off the kitchen counter where you eat. Set a timer and just do it. See how you feel afterwards. It might just give your mind an open space to think through to-do lists or give you a moment to breathe. 

So happy Monday, y'all! I've got to finish up my coffee before I run out the door and on to the next thing for the day. At least I know I have a clear kitchen table to sit at when I come home for dinner. 

Cheers to a new day!