Good Morning!

Happy Tuesday all! 

It's a beautiful day, the weather is starting to cool off and fall is around the corner! Yes, I'm totally one of those people who love fall--I only wish I lived somewhere we got to see more of it! The leaves turn pretty quick in OKC and then it's winter weather before you know it. 

For now I'm taking full advantage of the changing season and enjoying every bit of it. This weekend I planted mums....

Discover BOO-terscotch M&M's...

Fell head over nails for this midnight blue nail polish...

I baked delicious fall treats...


And about fell out of my seat over Katy Michele's newest bag. 

Photo from Katy Michele Designs at 

Photo from Katy Michele Designs at 

I've found some serious inspiration from a new, to me, pattern maker and blogger, Madalynne...

Photos from the Madalynne website, 

Photos from the Madalynne website, 

And I've acquired the most beautiful magazine I've ever seen, Bella Grace. 

Seriously, these little things delight me to no end. So many little happy sussies in my world! 

What little things bring a little fun to your day during this fall change?