Ham I Am

I got a brilliant idea on the road the other day. I saw a sign for a sandwich that sounded really good: turkey with apple and cheddar cheese. It's the season for apples and I'm always using them for desserts and snacks. Sounded good as a sandwich, but I thought it would be even better hottttt.....

Then my imagination kept going when I went to the store for groceries...What if I used...smoke gouda? Instant mouth watering--who doesn't like gouda?--but I kept marinating on the idea (Ha ha! Get it? Marinating?!). 

A little research later--yes, I researched sandwich recipes--I decided to plunge in with my creative juices and attempt a really simple flavorful sandwich: 

"It's So Gouda!"  Grilled Cheese Sandwich

WARNING: I use butter. 

1 gala apple

3 slices of ham (light black forest or my favorite, Boars Head Tavern Ham)

2 slices of bread 

2 slices of smoked gouda cheese

Dijon Mustard

Butter (1 pat of stick and a little tub butter for spreading--do not even dare to judge...yet)


Drop your pat of butter into a skillet, medium heat, and let the butter melt while you prepare the sandwich. 

Take one piece of bread, butter one side, just a light coat, and place butter-side down on a plate. Layer one piece of cheese and arrange your ham on top of that. Place thin slices of apple over the top of the ham (I recommend using a manodlin so you can get a nice shaved piece of apple) and then the final piece of cheese. 

On the second piece of bread, lightly spread some dijon mustard and place facing down on top of the cheese. Finish the bread the with a light coating of butter. This will help the sandwich to (a) not stick to the pan and (b) give it a great golden color and crisp flavor. 

Pop the sandwich on the pan, make sure the butter is melted and the pan is hot, and then let the sandwich cook for a couple minutes. Check to see that side is golden brown and flip. Repeat on the second side. Once down, split down the middle to make sure all your insides are nice a warm then enjoy! 

I paired my lunch with leftover roasted brussell sprouts and sweet potato chips. Y'all. I was definitely full for the day! Try it and out and let me know how it worked for you!

Any inspiration ever help you create something new?