Happy August!

Some months you can't wait to arrive and others just somehow appear before you know it. August is definitely one of the latter. 

I tend to think of August as a squirrel month and by that I mean a month of preparing. Once school starts--that is if school is still a part of your world whether it's dropping munchkins at the carpool lane or you're hitting the books yourself or you're one of the glorious soldiers of education, a teacher--you know that it's one wild roller coaster ride to Christmas break. Heck, most of us adults are just praying to make it to Labor Day! 

But summer's not over YET! I'm holding on tight to the last days of free time all while preparing for this fall semester's classes--it's totally doable, right? 

Here's to hoping! I'm cramming the last of the summer good stuff--finally posting the Rocky Road ice cream recipe promised! Pyro Man and I headed up to the mountains for a much needed getaway before the busy season starts. Fresh air and blue skies, here we come, baby! 

After that, it's menu planning (my favorite weekly activity), back-to-work shopping (chances are my style choices are a little different than yours), and playlists to make (yup, music is totally a must for my work). Of course, a celebration of the first day of school.  

How about a shout out to some of our most influential people in our lives, our teachers. What would school be like if it weren't for those giving spirits who give their time and energy to pass on their knowledge to others? Teaching, that's a profession that's pretty near and dear to my heart. 

I've also got a favorite planner to share with everyone! Yes, I still keep a schedule using paper and pen--say WHAT?! Crazy, I know, I've heard.  I've also got a few tips on staying cool when things heat up--it's gonna happen, stress, it's a fact of life. Why not be prepared?

Lots happening this month on the blog! Stay tuned for all the fun and if you want, add yourself to the email subscription so you don't miss a post! *Shameless plug over*

What does your August month look like?

Here's a little preview for this coming month's posts!  

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