Happy Birthday, Big Sister!

I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. I even had a running lists of the foods she didn't like so I could remember what foods I wouldn't like either. 

I wanted to be a big kid just like her, with homework and no recess and cool friends, too. I wanted to be smart like her and play volleyball just like her--turns out volleyball was not my calling even though she tried to teach me how to actually hit the ball, not eat it. 

She's got a quick wit, a wonderful sense of humor, and the best muppet impression by far. She's one of my biggest champions, the first to draw her sword when little sister is in trouble. She'll break out the pompoms when it's time to celebrate and she's got a signature dance move I bet she didn't know I've actually borrowed a time or two. 

Occasionally she steals my stuff but I take it to mean I've hit her status of cool, maybe. We share the same love for hot chocolate chip cookies and an appreciation for shared recipes. We still love a good musical and great sing-a-long and fortunately that's something my precious niece loves to do, too. She's made two awesome little people that I love more than anything and bestowed the honoring title of "Nannie" to me nearly five years ago. 

Even as an adult, I can still manage to be a little sister and no matter how much older we get, she's still my Big Sister and she'll always be there.

Happy birthday, Sarah!  

I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating another year here! I love you very much! Or as Grandma would say it, je t'aime en bien beaucoup! Much inflection on the "bien"!