Happy July!

Happy July, the month of summer! July has always felt like the last hurrah of the summer months, the last few weeks to get all the good times in before school starts again!

Gosh, so many things come to mind when I think about this time of year. Summertime calls for watching fireworks and chowing down on good brisket and watermelon. A meal like that always includes the best dessert of the season, Rocky Road ice cream straight from the ice cream maker! I smell a peach and immediately I see a sunny day in July, jean shorts on and bug bites down the legs--What's summer time without the bug spray, right? 

For me especially, it wasn't summer if there wasn't a job dancing. Cold theater air, hot lights, tan tights and heels, hair spray clouds, and red lipstick, the essential ingredients for a Saturday night out on the stage.

Of course I can't help but think of this month and see lace and lowlight, feel my sweet husband twirling me around the floor. My favorite summer memory of all, the day I got married! So many happy times in the summer! 

This month I'll be sharing snapshots of my favorite July memories with recipes and some of the new traditions I've started. Get ready for a front row seat at the fireworks, a slap-yo-mama good ice cream recipe, a day picking peaches, a wedding cake to drool for, and an opening night memory as a then first time performer and now choreographer. 

Stay tuned this month so you catch all the fun and share some of your favorite memories, too! 

What makes your July feel like summertime?


Oh look!  A little preview of what's to come!