Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing a very happy Mother's Day to all my precious mothers out there!

I'm lucky to have two sweet mother-in-law's who are always a joy to be with and always so supportive! I've got a great sister-in-law who made me an aunt and showed me how much fun little boys can be--and how any oil can fix just about anything. I've also got precious aunts who are so much fun! These are the women who shared their love of outdoors, how to pitch in on projects, and what good food and a good beer can do for the soul! 

I'm always missing Grandma, but I certainly miss her today with all her sunshine and wisdom--she was a pretty spunky woman with a lot of happiness to share! I'm grateful every day to be her granddaughter. I've got a wonderful sister who just welcomed her second bundle of love into the world. I'm so grateful to be Nannie JuJu to her kiddos and all that comes with: play time, story reading, hair braiding, and dance classes. 

Most of all, I'm grateful for my own mother. I'm grateful for the phone conversations, the funny moments, even the frustrating ones, and all the special projects we do. I thankful you passed down your love of list making, calendars, napkin ideas, and baking. Man, did that organization skill set ever come in handy! You're wicked awesome sewing skills gave me formal dresses I loved, dance costumes tailor made for me and my imagination, and the most perfect wedding gown I could have ever imagined. 

I love that you passed that gene for teaching down even when I swore that's not what I wanted to do as a kid. You always supported me for any idea I had and helped me research to figure out how to make it happen. Nothing was impossible so long as you could ask questions and keep asking questions to find all the possible answers to a burning desire. It's why I ended up going to the school I wanted to go to and earn the degree I never knew existed. It's why I got to dance my whole life and actually make a living doing it. Someone, my mother, believed in my dreams enough to say, "let me help" when she could have said, "try something more realistic." 

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! In short, you're a wonderful and I love you with all my heart!

Je t'aime beaucoup! 

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