I Blinked

Truly, I blinked and August was OVER. What the what happened? 

Getting caught up in vacation and back to school to-do's, I missed out on a few days of posting. Good news is this week I'll be catching up and so will you! 

It's Saturday and a three day weekend. Football season is in full swing now, there's no escaping it.  If you're Texas Tech fans and watching the game today, that's my husband shooting the pyro!

I might not have gone to school there, but my Grandpa taught there and a lot of family went there including my sister who graduated from their law school. Now I'm married into it so I think that makes it official enough for me to be a fan! So for the first time ever, I'll show my support for an actual football team. Good grief, I think Grandma would be proud I finally gave a hoot about a team...just for you, Grandma! 

Wreck 'em, Tech! 

I'll get less awkward with this...eventually...

I'll get less awkward with this...eventually...

What team are you rooting for this weekend? 

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