Last I checked...

Last time I really checked this thing was waaaaayyyyy back in March. I've thought about my little corner of the world, aka this blog, quite a bit though. I have stopped by only to be pulled off into another direction. I'm still here though! I still love this little outlet even when I struggle with the billions of other important tasks. 

The thing I really love about my blog is that when I want to write, I can. Whenever I have a thought or an idea or something to share, I sit down and enjoy letting it all come flowing out onto the screen. That's why I loved having this place when I was in grad school, it was my creative haven when my little dancer brain could not handle one more discussion on anything related to dance. 

But enough about that! There's been life happening since March so here's a quick run down: our spring performance went off without a hitch and I enjoyed some down time with my handsome man before plunging back into school. Basically wrapping up the second have the semester has been my entire focus for the last couple months--it happens. I've been steadily trying to plan extra gigs in the summer, I even created a website for myself, but I know there's so much I want to change and play around with. Oh! And my sister had a precious baby boy this Wednesday! More to come on my new nephew soon! 

For now, it's time for a hair trim--the mane needs some serious maintenance--and then it's back to work for everything else left to do! Good gracious it's a busy time, but aren't we all busy bees anyway? Such is life! 

What's been going on in your world lately? Have you missed me? Should we catch up? Oh who cares! I'll update you no matter what!