Life Lately - Episode 1

Ya'll. We're just about to the half-way point of April which means we're that much closer to then end of a semester which means we're that much closer to my birthday. I mean, by that logic, my birthday is practically tomorrow! 

Well...maybe not, but it all feels like it's happening so soon! I always love this time of year. It's a time of change, a vibration that hums all around me. Quite literally I feel the change in the air, the cool breeze mixed with the warm sun and it stirs my soul into thinking there's something coming around the corner. I just absolutely love that! 

In the midst of this seasonal change, I have been busy (read: buried) with grading and projects for work per usual at this time of year. The slow down comes after grades are due and then I gear up for summer work and fall preparation. To help me focus on those important to-do's, I've stepped back from technology a little bit and that's actually been really easy and really hard at the same time. 

My hand just reaches for the phone or the mouse just clicks on a new tab for facebook and before I know it, there are precious minutes gone. But then I can get engrossed in something so completely I don't even feel the need to scroll. I'm working on finding a better balance with that. 

OK--so! In the midst of grading and avoiding social media binges, what the heck have I been doing? Well, there hasn't been much time for a whole heck of a lot lately, but I've been trying.

I started reading Cultivate What Matters and enjoying every word. I really like Lara Casey so much and find her really inspirational. Pyro Man and I have been watching our little garden grow in the garage, waiting for this crazy Oklahoma weather to calm down for a moment so we can plant everything outside. We're going to get hit with another freeze this weekend...Mother Nature. 

I finally picked my afghan project back up--I've got a ways to go on all my granny squares but I find the work easy to do and very calming at the end of the night. Making time, even a small amount, for the things that bring me joy has been just a practice lately. 

So, that's life lately--nothing spectacular, completely ordinary. Sometimes I wish I had a jet setting life, traveling all over and constantly busy with amazing fabulous projects. Who doesn't want some adventure in their life, right? That's not my season right now and it's perfectly okay. This season is about letting go of the phone, enjoying the now, and making time for all those things I want to do, but couldn't because I lost it to scrolling. 

Here's to more living and less scrolling! 

Happy Friday, ya'll!