Life Lately - Episode 2

Oh goodness, where does the time go! School wrapped up two weeks ago for me, which I can't even believe. I feel like it's taken me that long to actually unwind, but there's been plenty to do! 

So what's been up lately? I took some time in Texas for several days. I did a two day show intensive--I'm really excited to choreography A Chorus Line at a prominent performing arts school in Dallas this August! Pyro Man and I celebrated Mother's day several times over traveling around the metroplex visiting all of the mothers in our lives. We've got some pretty special moms, sisters and sister-in-laws included and it was lovely to spend time with them all! 

I had a birthday! Yay! Another year on this earth, I think that's a pretty big gift if you ask me! I got to spend the day with my handsome husband, got a massage (best. gift. ever.), shopped a bit, and ended the day with a glass of wine and home grilled steak. In short, it was a perfect day. 

Other than that I've been spending time with a friend plotting her next production number--that's been a lot of fun to dream up! We're going into the studio today and see what magic happens. Pyro Man and I have been spending a lot of time together, so needed and so good. Even under the same roof we seem to pass each other during the year so our trips to Home Depot, time in garden and outdoor excursions have been a soul recharge for us both. Life can get busy and conversations are all business but this down time, it's just laughing and genuine fun and that's important to get back to after a stressful semester. 

There have been books read (The Snowman was an excellent choice!), dinner dates, friend chats, Penny walks, and plenty of chores done. I made myself take these two weeks of rest because I know I needed it, but that familiar feeling of a niggling to-do is in the back of my brain, all the work that's coming up is starting to weigh on me. 

I've been plotting out my schedule from now to December which might seem gross, but is actually helping me a ton. I can feel and see the busy that's coming down the pike and I don't want to get caught in a cyclone of stress again. So today I'll go in and start working, breaking down all that needs to be done and making a timeline. A little at a time each day will actually make it easier to digest and allow me the time to do the fun things I want to do, need to do to feed my soul. 

So that's life lately--a whole bunch of trying to unwind my brain and body, getting more sleep, catching up on reading, and quality time with my husband. Pretty sure it's the best way to spend time after a long and full spring season! 

I also realized two very important things in trying to find photos from the last two weeks: 1) I don't document my adventures near enough and 2) I miss so many opportunities for pictures with the people I love. So, summer resolution? More photos of real life, not just my dinner plate! 

Happy Monday, y'all!