Life Lately - Episode 3

Hello out there, you beautiful readers! 

It's July and to me that always marks the downhill of summer vacation--let's be real. Summer weather doesn't end until about November so we're stuck with it for a while, but the vacation part is ending soon. 

"I'm sorry. Vacation is coming to an end? What?!" 

"I'm sorry. Vacation is coming to an end? What?!" 

I've sent myself into warp speed prepping for my show in August and the fall semester that follows. All the to-do's never leave my brain. In fact, I'm pretty sure I was thinking about fall back in May, but now the clock is really on for me. 

All of June was spent teaching tons of camps, always a lot of fun to do with bright eyed and excited high schoolers. I even had a rambunctious and fun group of middle schoolers, too. Sometimes I forget how much energy there is packed into those little people at that age. It's astounding to see and it really is infectious and made for a couple of really fun classes. 

July Garden 2018 (1 of 11).jpg

We're happily growing our garden still and it's completely thriving. We've already pulled off about seven cucumbers and oh my, they are divine! My Romas are starting to turn, there are tons of Early Girls coming out, the cherry and yellow cherries are doing well and those jalapeno plants are filing in nicely. Can't wait until we can start canning! 

I follow a very, very small group of shows during the year so summer is when I feel like I can catch up and folks, I have definitely caught up. So far I've seen The Last Kingdom season 2--if you like Vikings and Game of Thrones this one is pretty good. I also caught up on Britannia which was oddly interesting. I kept going back to watch episodes even though I wasn't sure I was entirely sold on it. I've finally watched all of Will & Grace, the most current season. I'm a die hard W&G fan so I really enjoyed catching up on their new(ish) adventures. Most recently I finished Alias Grace. Oh. My. Gosh. I loved it! I'm hoping for season 2 because it was pretty riveting. With short clips in between dialogue, you had to keep watching so as not to miss anything. 

That's about it folks. My crafting projects have been slow, but I've enjoyed baking and cooking from my new Magnolia Table book. I've finished a couple books and working my way through some others. It's been work and little down time. That's what summer is for though, right? A little work and some relaxation--I can dig that. 

July Garden 2018 (11 of 11).jpg