Life Lately - Episode 6: Happy & Rollin' Along

Life is back in full swing with classes rolling, rehearsals carrying on and plenty of evening snuggles with Penny. I feel like I'm constantly moving and going, reading and grading, reviewing and creating, but it's the nature of the game and truly, I think I'm at a pace I can keep without burning out. 

My sweet Pyro Man husband has been super helpful even while he's getting settled into his new semester. After long distance love for so long, it's really nice to have someone to turn when I need an extra hand here and there. It's entirely possible to do so much on your own, it's just wonderful when you have a partner to hold out their hand when you really need it, too. 

September is next week and that always seems to be the month that starts that fall feeling, although if you look anywhere on the internet, those dreams of crunchy leaves and pumpkin spice started back at the start of August. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a cool down and some fall fashion shifts, I just know we've got a while before that change in the weather happens for us in OK. Come the first day of fall, I'll be regretting wearing that cute sweater when I'm dying of heatstroke! 

In any case, September holds some excitements of it's own! "A Chorus Line" opens this month and I can't wait to see it! These amazingly talented performing arts students have worked so hard and they keep growing every rehearsal. I'm in awe of their energy and focus and inspired by their passion. It's been such an honor to work with this group and the memories I will always cherish.  Each time I set a show, I feel stronger and more confident and I learn more about my own process. This particular one has been such a good run for me as a choreographer; I feel incredibly lucky to have had such a grand experience with the students as well as the fabulous artistic and management team.

My best friend and first college roommate is coming to town for a wedding and I cannot wait to spend some time with her! She lives in Florida and it's been since our weddings since we've seen each other--y'all. That's SIX years! We keep up with phones dates as best we can but to hug someone who means the world to me, I simply cannot wait! 

So that's life so far! We're busy and we're running and I'm still having a ball spending time on this lovely little blog. What a fun escape for me and how much I have enjoyed flexing my creative muscles with it these last two months. I can't believe it's taken me so long to really push through the fear, throw my weight into it and make it happen. As much as I wish I'd let go sooner, I think the struggled process helped me to finally let it all go and hit this thing without those niggling doubts. 

Here's to a new month coming, happy excitements, and fearless endeavors!

Happy Monday, Y'all!