Life Lately - Episode 9: Turkey Time

Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK! Yay! Let the festivities begin! Oh wait, first a couple days of work and then we can get to it!

We went to a friendsgiving this past weekend and had a lovely time hanging out with friends we know and visiting with newer ones. I had a hankering for Pioneer Woman’s Cranberry Sauce, which I highly recommend! I might try to whip another batch up for the real turkey day. Very easy and really delicious nestled next to that golden bird.

I really wanted to bake a pie of some sort so I grabbed my Waitress cookbook and whipped up her “Thanks for Taking Me to the Moon” Pie and y'all. It is totally worth it especially if you are a peanut butter lover. Lucky for you, I found a copy of the recipe on Taste of Home so click that link I set and surprise your family with one heck of a delicious pie!

I ran out of time to stop and get the moon pies, but honestly, not a necessity for this pie!

I ran out of time to stop and get the moon pies, but honestly, not a necessity for this pie!

Tonight Pyro Man and I are having a date night—we’ll see if I can kick his behind in bowling! It’ll be nice to get out and doing something out of the ordinary for us especially before holiday week starts. It’s funny to me how sometimes during trips, even though we travel together, he’s actually the person I end up spending the least amount of time with. The whole point is to visit with family we don’t get to see much so it does make sense. Still, a night out together will be a nice change up.

We’ve got a couple more days of work and school before we head to Texas and I’m more than ready! Just a few grading assignments and costume runs are standing between me and a worry free break. We’re really lucky that our families are all so close, we can usually see everyone on one trip.

Aside from Thanksgiving, I’m trying to find another read for the next little bit. I wrapped up a great book a couple weeks ago, The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman, which apparently was a TV series at one point. Overall, I was totally wrapped in the book and fascinated with each character and their journey in the desert of Masada in 70 CE. There are so many strong female characters and their stories are just heart wrenching, each one different from the next and yet, they all have the common tie of following their truth. If you’re wanting some historic fiction, I highly recommend trying this one.
Alright y’all. Time to start the week and get that turkey timer started! Only three more sleeps until Macy’s Day Parade and a full day of giving thanks!