Little Moments

Last week of classes! Holla!!!!

We are coming up on the end of this spring semester, "we" being my husband and I. It's hard to believe that we are already through this time, it's blown by so fast! His first semester is done and we've managed to be back under the same roof for four straight months. And we still like each other. It's just nuts, man. 

When I dreamt about him coming home, I knew I didn't want to take little moments for granted. I really wanted to savor all the times I had with him without making them heavy. It's just, I missed so much of the little things while we were a part that I didn't want to miss out on them when he came home.

The semester has been busy for both of us, no surprise there, honestly, and yet we've been able to make time for one another. Breakfast together on Sunday's, yard work for a Saturday afternoon, and date nights on Friday's even if it's home watching whatever series we're binging. Lately it's just been neighborhood walks. Sometimes it's a lot of conversation, something it's just about walking side by side. Well, side by Penny by side--you know, the dog's got to be right there between her people so, there ya go. In any case, we've made sure that there's a time for each other no matter how busy life gets. 

Just thinking in calendar time, we're a third of the way through 2017 now. A third! Four months can go by hurriedly and if we're not careful we can find a lot of wasted time or missed opportunities. I think we've been consciously making choices to slow down and take in those little moments and I think it's made this year pretty stellar so far. 

Here's to all those little moments and how big of an impact they actually make!

Oh, and here's to the start of summer because, duh, it's summer! Cheers! 

What's a little important moment for you?