Little Signs

It's been a fuzzy week. I say fuzzy because my brain has totally felt that way and yesterday, well, it was just an awful day. 

Boy, this is going to be a cheery post, huh, Julie? 

Well, give me a second here, I just gotta set the stage a bit. 

With a fuzzy head, a non-stop running brain, and plenty on my emotional plate, I think I just ran out of steam yesterday. So I did what I usually do to perk up, wander through Target, Wal-Mart, and craft stores like Hobby Lobby. I needed the uplift. 

-And my sweet Pyro Man, if you're reading this, then you're just finding out I did a little shopping. Love you!-

I go looking for projects and wander through aisles letting my brain take in decorations, festive things like turkeys and pumpkins, allowing my creative juices the chance to start flowing again. Y'all, it's hard to be creative when your brain is blocked. Seriously. 

Four stores and several hours later, I was about to give up and go home to start coloring in my new  coloring book (yes, you read that right and its super fancy made for grown-up coloring. No Barbie books here.) and sip on water from my new Pioneer Woman water glass using a few drops from my new bottle of lime oil (it's really good, by the way). All of sudden I stopped in my tracks. 

There in front of me were the new 2016 calendars including one by my favorite bright artists, Mary Engelbreit. This year's theme? Never Give Up. 

Never. Give. Up. 

It was like a sign from above. I picked it up off the rack, turned it over and scanned each month's theme. Everything, every single thing about this calendar spoke to me. This couldn't have been a better pick-me-up. No amount of coloring or pretty glasses could have given me a better reminder to move past the gloom. 

Sure, you might say it's all a coincidence. You're reading into it, Julie, because that's what you needed to see. And there it was. Well, perhaps. But I choose to think that this was a little sign just for me from someone who knew I needed the reminder.

If you just keep your eyes open, I think there are little signs, little messages for you everywhere. It just depends if you are open to receive them or not. Who cares if it's a coincidence! If it speaks to you and spurs you forward, then I say it was meant just for you. 

What signs have reached out to you lately?