Looking Back

It's a little funny to me that 2016 is about to begin in a mere two days! I don't know if I'm really ready for the end of 2015 but here it comes anyway!

I started working on my new Passion Planner this last week. As I started filling in dates and reminders for the coming year I had to stop and really think about what all had happened in this last year, too. I almost couldn't remember...it didn't seem like a lot...

I celebrated the life of a woman I dearly miss.

I cut my hair and donated it, a year long process fulfilling a long held wish.

I was promoted at work, another long process I couldn't imagine completing four years ago.

I choreographed more and set pieces I fell in love with. 

I got a car that I love with all my traveling heart.

I worked with talented, amazing, wonderful people.

I traveled with my best friend to new places.

I explored new creative adventures and ate a lot of great food!

I met my new niece and celebrated the coming of a new nephew.

I spent a lot of time with friends and family. 

Looking back on the pictures from this year, I really feel like it was a good one. I forgot about the frustrations I met, the challenges that crossed my path. What really mattered were the all the wonderful moments. To me, this whole year was a bunch of good people, good food, and good times!  I'm hoping 2016 brings me the same.

How did your 2015 turn out?



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