Mindless to Mindful

It's Lenten season, one of my favorite times of year, and this season I've tried to take away one of my biggest distractions: mindless TV watching.

More and more I've become that person that has the TV on for sound or background noise and it's become a real problem. Some things take me ten times as long to do because I'm distracted. I stay up late trying to finish that one show. I've binge watched on shows because I get sucked in to the storyline. Half the time I'm doing something else like surfing on my phone or trying to work on a project or grocery list and menu for the week, none of which is getting done a) well or b) in a timely manner. It's really silly. 

TV has become a sort of escape from things I need to work on but don't want to. Raise your hand if you fall into this category--I'm sure you're all raising them up high and let me tell you, there is no shame in the admittance of this. I love to escape in a good show. A good TV binge watching party is super fine...now and again. 

So I'm turning off the TV for a bit. I've set myself some limitations to keep everything in check: 

One hour of TV at night just to unwind. Weekends can be either two hours of shows or one movie, but not both. 

Man, that sounds so parental on myself--honestly, my parents didn't really set TV rules when I was a kid. We were never really home to watch anything so rules like that would have been moot. As an adult, I've got to reign it in! 

It's high time I give myself that time back. Do the work, do it in a timely manner, and do it well. Get chores done faster. Use free time to unwind with a book before bed, not the news. Take the time to call a long distance bestie (Karley, Esther, Megan, I'm looking at you! Shannon, Leigh Anne, you're on my list, too!). Maybe if I spent less time getting lost and more time putting energy into projects I've been wanting to do, I would be further ahead than where I am now. 

So that's my goal. Shut down the TV more often, don't deny a little relaxation, but use the time for more pleasurable activities. Become mindful of what I'm doing and ditch the mindless behavior for a bit. I'm hoping to feel refreshed come Easter Sunday! 

Are you participating in Lent? What are you focusing on the next forty days?