New Year, New Changes

"Every End is a New Beginning" 

Every time there's a new start to something, a season, a month, a week, I feel flooded with the anticipation of beginning again. There's always a chance to start over, do better, work harder, give more, relax longer, breathe deeper. As we near the start of another new year arriving, I feel that same flood of excitement and nerves. You never know what the new year holds and I have a strong feeling this one will be a very different one for me. 

New Year's Resolutions: I like 'em. It gives me a goal to look to at the start of a new year and I try to pick a theme for my focus, nothing too specific. Sometimes they stick, sometimes they don't, but either way it sets me on a path for the year and I accept the theme might change as the months roll on. Life happens, right?

This year's theme literally came to me in the mail. I ordered my Passion Planner for the year and out from the pages a little sticker slipped out. It's something I've heard before and I think it will be perfect for 2016: 

"Action Cures Fear" 

This year I'm taking action and following through. I don't want to be a scared rabbit in my hidey hole--I want to step forth, see what will happen and take some chances. I want to be brave in every sense of the word in all aspects of my life. I want to conquer what fear usually prevents me from speaking up or stepping out of my comfort zone. 

What's your New Year's Resolution?