New Year, New Word 2018

Happy New Year! 

Boy, 2017 feels like it flew by, but I tell you what, I'm ready for 2018! I've been doing a lot of preparation this last month looking ahead to everything I want to do this year and all I want to accomplish.

Thanks to my PowerSheets from Cultivate What Matters (Check out Lara Casey if you haven't yet! I really dig her positivity!), I got a jump start back at the beginning of December. Listen, I can make plans and goals, but sometimes it's easy to lose direction of where you're going in all the planning and goal making. This journal, and I love journaling, is something that just helps you figure out where the heck you're going and how the heck to get there. Plus, each month you've got a chance to keep yourself on track. That's some serious accountability, people. Now who doesn't like that?  

One of things PowerSheets helps you discover is your word for the year and I can't say I'm surprised by my 2018 selection: Focus

Focus (noun): the center of interest or activity; the quality of having or producing a clear visual definition; a device on a lens to produce a clearer image. Synonyms: center, heart, core

I spent all of last year really trying to be intentional, be conscious of what I said, what I did, and what I put into my relationships. Through that I felt like I started to really hone in on certain areas in life and other areas seemed to get lost in the shuffle. Making personal strides felt good and I knew I could use those to my advantage for whatever I was missing. 

To me, "focus" is not about putting my attention on one thing or making myself stare down one goal, never deviating from it. No, I see "focus" as a word that means working on or working through something to clarify that desire, honing in to make that desire a definite reality. I'm planning on this year's focus to be an opportunity to really strive on producing that vision, turning the lens of my life to sharpen a clearer image for my future. In other words, it's a work in progress. 

When you go to the eye doctor, there's always the part where they ask "one or two" as they flip a clear glass lens back and forth before one eye and then the other. They do this several times obviously to get a better understanding of what type of prescription you need for your peepers. It's all to help get your vision into FOCUS. What better analogy for life, right?

I'm working on getting things into focus for me, that's what this year is about and I'm stoked! I think it's going to take a combination of new year goals past: being brave enough to seek opportunities and try new things while also being intentional with my time and efforts as I pursue them. This could be a good thing or a year of incredibly uncomfortable growth. Either way, I think looking at this year as a journey will serve me better in the long run and that's what these goals and words are for anyway. 


What's your word for the new year?