New Year, New Word

Welcome 2017!!

It's a new year and a new opportunity for amazing things to happen!

Some do resolutions, some don't. A few others choose a word, something to be a guiding light to their year. I've tried both and to be truly honest, I don't always stick with them. I try to focus on them in those first few weeks of the new year but it falters after a while when life gets busy. 

BUT. This year I've got a short phrase that has come up time and again in my mind over this last year. 

Be Intentional...

Be Intentional...

Intentional (Adjective) - done on purpose; deliberate; meant; purposeful

I have had moments, so many of them, where I have thought, "What am I doing? Why am I doing this?" I'm not always doing work with a purpose. I'm not always spending my time with a purpose in mind. How many times have I said I'd do something to help a friend or co-worker and then not followed all the way through? Too many and it's what actually really got me thinking about being accountable. 

I realized that not everything has to have purpose. For heavens sake, I don't think I need to drink coffee with a purpose or strut to the bathroom like it's the most important moment of my day. But, I do believe that I can be better about some things in my life if I know I'm doing it for a reason. 

I want to be intentional with my time. When I'm having down time, I'm having down time. No more worrying about what's not being done while I relax. And when I relax, make an effort to do something I want to do, not surf the social media avenues. Set aside time to read and actually read a book, not Facebook. When it's time to work, it's time to work. When it's time to play, it's time to play. How much more simply can I put it, really? Time is precious. Use it well!  

I want to be intentional with my relationships. Having Pyro Man back up here means I want to devote some time to focusing on us, making memories, new traditions, and planning together for our future. When it comes to conversation and time together, be all in and present. Make sure I'm taking steps that strengthen us as couple. I want to make sure my friendships are also given time and attention they deserve. Make the call to long distance friends, don't just think about them. Make the dates with friends here, be present with them now. You never know how long you have before someone moves--this is always my case! 

I want to be intentional with my word. When I say I'm going to do something, follow through. Be accountable to the people I've promised to help. Too often I forget to do something and fortunately it hasn't cost me too much but it makes me look unreliable. In all my roles, I want to be better about that and try not to let things slip through the cracks. I also want to make sure that what I say counts, that it's meaningful, thoughtful and not flippant. Words stick around a lot longer than you think, so it's best to make sure what I'm saying it what I really think or feel.  

So that's my New Year's phrase for the year: Be Intentional. And I plan on starting off with spending time with my folks today! Happy New Year to you all! I hope this year brings you peace, love, and joy and an fresh opportunity to start a new! 

What's your New Year's resolution, phrase or word?