Newest Adventure

Some days it doesn’t feel real and some days it’s all I think about, imagining the future and seeing, or feeling, the changes. I can’t believe we’re actually on this journey and yet, it’s something we have planned and prayed and hoped for for so long.

We’re expecting!

Bellybean is due April 7th and we’re over the moon excited for our spring chick to arrive! It’s been the toughest secret to keep and while I know we could have shared at any point, Janson and I have wanted to protect this time and keep optimistically hopeful while we waited to see how this process would unfold.

I’m 14 weeks this week and feeling good! First trimester has been kinder to me than I thought it would. Sure, a little morning sickness, but nothing too awful which is truly a gift! I felt exhausted the first few weeks but I’ve been managing that better with early bed times and restful naps when I can. Things are changing and moving and growing and it’s a little unbelievable no matter how much I think I’ve prepared myself. I’m trying my best to eat well and drink plenty of water while constantly reminding myself I’m no longer just taking care of one body but let me tell you, the desire for mac ‘n cheese and pizza is real and it is strong. Actually anything cheese. Give me all the cheese.

We’re taking everything slow, I’m reading books and keeping track with the apps, watching this little bump grow wondering all about what this baby will be like. In a few weeks we’ll know what Baby is, boy or girl, and we’re thrilled with either! I’m so happy to share our news with the world—it’s such a sweet time and I’ve never felt more ready for this next step than I do right now. Timing really is everything.

We’re having a baby, my baby and me!