Pause Button

I had every intention of posting (several) times last week, but I pushed the pause button. It's not a button I push very often, you know the one that puts life on hold for a bit. Yeah, I'm usually that person that says I will but can't because my brain can't quite quit focusing on all the items on my to-do lists or the mountains I have left to climb. Speaking on mountains...

Y'all. I love it here. It's beautiful, peaceful, and full of wonder. I'm still learning how to be less of a city girl in the woods, but man, oh man, how I do love that fresh mountain air! 

More than anything this last week was to just enjoy spending time with my main squeeze. To us, that time matters so much and means the world--especially when our day to day life is spent 200 miles apart. 

Our little family. 

Our little family. 

Thank you, Barbara, for letting us use your cabin for the our vacation. It was refreshing, the way it should be after hitting pause.