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Easy as Pie

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The wonders of technology make some tasks so much easier these days! Earlier this week I had a bowl full of a cherries and perfect occasion for celebration.

Cherries + celebration = Pie! 

Only problem is my pie dough skills are pretty par for the course. It's a running joke that pie crust and rice are just about the two things I simply can't make without some sort of struggle. I refuse to use store bought dough. Easy though it may be, I just don't think it's that great in taste. 

Determined to have a better pie crust experience, I called up the master baker of my family, aka Mom, and asked for a facetime tutorial. Best. Idea. Ever. Propping up the iPad, we made a pie crust together where I could see what the dough was supposed to look like step by step. It was super helpful to have her walk me through the steps--who would have thought pie dough could be so intimidating? With a little help, it all came out great!

The best part of it all, besides the stellar crust of course, was getting to spend a little time with my mom. Maybe I can't stand in the kitchen and bake right beside her, but using helpful tools like facetime makes me at least feel like  I'm a little closer to home. 


A few tips to make the pie baking process easier for anyone!

Cherry Pitter - If you want an easy time pitting fresh cherries, I suggest investing in one of these babies. I've used it just to eat fresh cherries without spitting out the seeds and for a cherry pie, it sure did make it easier to make the filling. 

  • $20 at Bed Bath & Beyond 
Image from Bed Bath & Beyond website. Click for more info. 

Image from Bed Bath & Beyond website. Click for more info. 

Pie Crust Roller - If you really want an easy way to make a pie crust a perfect circle, check out this pie crust bag. This little handy dandy tool makes it super easy to pop out the perfect pie crust in no time. Simply flour the inside, place the dough in, zip it up, roll it around, and that's what it's all about! 

  • $6.95 at King Arthur Flour (there are plenty of other places to find these, too!)
Image from King Arthur Flour website. Click for more info. 

Image from King Arthur Flour website. Click for more info.